The Supply Delivery Crane by Equipter Makes Your Company the One Customers Count On

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Do The Job Better Than Everyone Else.

As a supply delivery company, customers and contractors expect you to deliver what they need, when they need it—and with no unwelcome surprises. Not only do our innovative mobile cranes make it easier for you to deliver the goods, they also make it easier for you to deliver on your promise of dependability and reliability!

Self-Propelled Crane Trailers That Mean Serious Business

The CR8000 series of mobile cranes helps you put materials precisely where contractors and customers need them. You can lift and lower skids of products and other heavy materials without worrying about damaging yards and driveways or hitting electrical wires and other overhead obstacles.


supply deliver mobile crane

How can our mobile cranes help your crews work better?

  • Haul orders to the customer’s location, then drive your self-propelled crane to a precise location on-site.
  • Efficiently lift and lower materials to exactly where the customer or contractor wants them.
  • Help reduce the risk of worker injuries that could happen when manually moving heavy materials.
  • Get more work done in less time with fewer crew members.

How Do Mobile Cranes Help Your Supply Delivery Company?

  • Get more deliveries done, because you’ll spend less time on every job.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Gain more referrals because of impressing customers with your efficiency.

Talk with us about how our CR8000 series of mobile cranes can help fuel the success of your supply deliver company!