Equipter Management Bios

Aaron-Bio.pngAaron Jay Beiler


I am the founder and owner of Equipter. I am passionate about what we do here at Equipter and about bettering the world around us. I handle a lot of the general oversight of the business and am the visionary that continues to push the company forward in new directions. I established Equipter back in 2003 when my sons and I came up with the concept for the Equipter RB4000. The idea for the business came from the need for a better method of replacing residential roofs, and I was glad to have my sons along side of me in the…

Ray-Bio.pngRaymond Beiler

Vice President

I wear a lot of hats at Equipter – from general oversight to marketing to research and development. I handle systems administration and implement processes that help us accomplish our visions and goals. I also get to provide unique and well-designed products and solutions that utilize new technologies. It is exciting to continually push the market forward. Here at Equipter, we enjoy coming up with great solutions to expensive problems, and we enjoy working as a team. I helped to start Equipter and work hard to maintain a great company culture that produces innovative products. We want to stand out…

Dave-Bio.jpgDavid Beiler

Sales Manager

As sales manager at Equipter, I get to interact with customers by taking calls, doing demos, and traveling to trade shows. I also manage a lot of the day-to-day work flow for the Equipter sales team. I love interacting with my customers, and I am also lucky to have a great team of coworkers here at the office. Things are never boring – whether we’re on the clock or having lunch together. Before becoming Sales Manager, I gained a lot of hands on experience. I began working for my dad’s roofing company back when I was a teenager, and once…

Sam-Bio1.jpgSam Beiler


My current role at Equipter is marketing our products so that the people who need the Equipter the most learn about our unique solutions. I also work in sales to answer any questions via email or phone that you may have about the Equipter. You (the customer) are the best part about my job! I love working with our current customers, meeting new people, and establish those relationships. I also consider myself lucky to work in a setting where I can call everyone my friends. We are an awesome team here at Equipter, and we work well together. Part of…

Jer-Bio1.jpgJeremiah Weaver

Shop Manager

My role at Equipter is to manage the workflow in the shop and oversee inventory management. I am currently spending a lot of my time in research and development and design work in order to bring new products to market. However, I still find time to get out of the shop to get my hands dirty and work on service units occasionally. I feel lucky to be working at a company that allows us the freedom to work the way that is best for us. The owner is passionate about his company, the people who work for him, and about…