Manufacturer’s Rental Rebate: Terms & Conditions

Equipter, LLC offers a rental rebate of $75 for any US or Canadian company that rents an Equipter for the first time from any of our third-party rental businesses registered in our database. 


Qualifying Candidates

Companies–not individuals–can be awarded the $75 Manufacturer’s Rebate only if they have not yet rented the Equipter RB4000 in their company history, regardless of rental company or location. Equipter maintains a working database of company names, representatives, and locations of all rebate applicants and recipients.


If the representative who submitted a receipt for the rebate changes companies, the company he or she transfers to will qualify as long as it meets the above criteria (is absent from Equipter’s rebate database).


Qualifying Rental Locations

Qualifying rental companies can be found via the online Rental Locator tool or by calling Equipter at 717-661-3591 Monday through Friday, 7AM - 5PM EST. 


Claiming Your Equipter Rental Rebate

The Equipter Manufacturer’s Rental Rebate can be claimed one of two ways.


1. Filling Out the Online First-Time Renter’s Rebate Form

A company may claim its first-time renter’s rebate by filling out and submitting Equipter’s online form, complete with a copy of the company’s rental receipt.


2. Submitting via Direct Mail

A company may opt to claim its rental rebate by downloading the Equipter rebate form and mailing that and its receipt from the qualifying rental company to the following address: 


Customer Care
Equipter, LLC
49 Eagle Drive
Suite 102
Leola, PA  17540


Rebate Payout

Each recipient of the Equipter Rental Rebate should receive its $75 check made payable to the company listed as the first-time renter in Equipter’s rental rebate database within two (2) to three (3) weeks following the rental receipt verification by Equipter, LLC. No expiration date.


All rebates are issued in US dollars.


This rebate credit cannot be redeemed in any other way and holds no cash value.


Equipter, LLC is not responsible for any delayed, lost, or damaged mail.

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