The CR8000 Series – A Small Mobile Crane

With two standard mobile crane options (CR8200 and CR8400) and the option to customize your equipment, our CR8000 cranes are built to help your contracting company succeed. They give you the extra help and efficiency your crews need when moving heavy material, equipment, or debris. Ask us for pricing and financing options.

Equipter CR8200 & 84000 Features

Save time, rely less on manual labor, show customers your professionalism, and make more profit with our CR8000 series of portable cranes. 
Check out what makes them a must for your contracting business:

small mobile crane


Because they run their own self-contained power source, you can move CR8000 mobile cranes around jobsites all day long.
Lightweight crane


Our cranes are mobile & lightweight, but heavy duty. they let you take on demanding jobs, but they won’t weigh you down when transporting them to—and maneuvering on—your jobsites.
towable crane

Made To Tow

CR8000 Cranes’ front wheels lift and their drive axle automatically disengages, enabling you to hook them up and haul them (and your materials) to your jobsite.
compact crane


Fit into spaces where larger cranes can’t maneuver. CR8000 Cranes’ compact design and tight turning radius give you the flexibility you need.

Wide Tires

CR8000 Cranes’ wide tires help prevent tracks on lawns and landscapes. customers will thank you for that!

Four Stabilizers

With independently operated stabilizers, CR8000 Cranes offer stability when lifting and lowering—even when they’re set up on un-level ground.

Versatile Load & Reach

Our CR8000 Standard Crane options give you a load capacity of up to 4,500 Lbs. and reach potential of up to 23 feet.

Custom Configurations

Besides our standard cranes options, you can request us to customize a crane to meet your unique requirements.

Radio Controls (Optional)

Conveniently control CR8000 Cranes using a radio controller. (note that It controls the crane only, not the drive and outriggers).

Chassis Winches (Optional)

These winches are powered by the CR8000’S battery system. You can attach them to the back of the chassis.

Track Mats (Optional)

Impress customers by giving the ground the protection it needs with our 22” W X 72” L Track Mats.

Stabilizer Pads (Optional)

Setup your crane safely by using these square pads for the front and back outrigger/stabilizer.