Financing the Equipter 4000 is Fast and Easy

Take advantage of our financing options to get the Equipter 4000 working for your roofing company as soon as possible. 


Did you know you can now finance the Equipter 4000 for as low as $750-$850 per month with just $1,500 down?*


Here are just a few reasons why purchasing the Equipter 4000 now is a great decision for your roofing company:


  • Increase production by 30%
  • Decrease cleanup by 80% or more
  • Save time and labor costs


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Frequently Asked Questions: Equipter Financing

The Equipter 4000 has revolutionized tons of businesses in the roofing and construction industries. With multiple financing options for the Equipter 4000, making this long-term investment to better your business has never been easier. 


Business owners on the fence about purchasing the Equipter 4000 need clarity. You need to know just how the drivable dumpster can boost your business. You need to know how the Equipter 4000 will affect your customers. And you need to know Equipter 4000 financing options.


How much does the Equipter 4000 cost?
The Equipter 4000 starts at a base price of $37,800. Customers are also able to customize their Equipter during the purchasing process with accessories that help it work best for their businesses.
Can I use my financial institution to finance the Equipter 4000?

Absolutely! If you have or qualify for a line of credit through your bank, you may be able to pay for the Equipter 4000 in full and then pay your bank back monthly. Be sure to meet with your financial advisor to determine your eligibility for financing.*

At Equipter, we work directly with Wells Fargo and CIT to provide Tier 1 credit customers with individualized quotes that feature the best interest rates for equipment loans. We also work with other banks to find the best options for applicants with lower credit scores, and we’re happy to work with your financial institution as well.

What is the upfront cost for financing the Equipter 4000?

Regardless of the financial institution you choose, Equipter requires a minimum downpayment of $1,500. 

As with any new piece of equipment, vehicle, or other big expense, a larger downpayment translates to lower monthly payments, (and the sooner you can pay off your Equipter 4000). We can provide additional Equipter financing estimates based on your individual situation.

When can I expect to receive my quote for financing the Equipter 4000?
Given our extensive resources and connections, we are typically able to provide accurate financing quotes and approvals the same day they’re requested. You will receive your quote from Equipter via email or telephone.
What determines my monthly financing cost?

Just a few factors are considered when calculating your estimated monthly payments for the Equipter 4000: how long you’ve been in business and your current business credit score. 

If you’ve been in business two years or longer and have a credit score of at least 700, you’re more likely to qualify for Tier 1 financing rates. We also work with many banks that offer reasonable interest rates for Tier 3 and Tier 4 applicants.

Don’t have the best business credit? No problem. Check out a few easy ways to improve your credit score before you buy the Equipter.
What is the average monthly cost of financing the Equipter 4000?

Many customers with reliable credit histories who choose the five-year financing plan for the Equipter 4000 pay approximately $750-$850 a month.

We are happy to work with your financial institution if you prefer. Our goal is to make the financing process as simple as possible. Together, we can make the Equipter more affordable for your business.

How long will it take me to pay off the Equipter 4000?

With multiple plans available for Equipter 4000 financing, how and when you pay off this drivable dumpster is completely up to you. 

We offer estimates for three-, four-, and five-year financing plans to allow you to choose what works best for your business.

What are the benefits of financing instead of renting the Equipter 4000?

You experience some of the same benefits whether you choose to rent or buy the Equipter 4000, but buying (and financing) the Equipter has additional benefits.

Financing this drivable dumpster is a great tax break. Now, with Section 179, business owners can choose to file the full expense of the Equipter 4000 as a deduction in a single tax year or file depreciation expenses while paying off the Equipter 4000. Be sure to check with your accountant to determine whether the interest can be calculated into the overall write-off.

Renting the Equipter for long periods of time can be expensive. Some rental locations charge over $1,000 a week! With good credit, you may qualify for financing that can get you the Equipter 4000 for around $650-$700 a month. 

Most of our customers say their customers have been willing to pay more for roof replacements when they know their lawns won’t be damaged, which helps this lightweight, self-propelled dump trailer reportedly pay for itself in the first year.


If you’re still uncertain whether to buy or rent the Equipter 4000, we highly recommend testing it on a job to see if it’s the right fit for your hard-working crew. Contact us or use our online database to find the Equipter 4000 rental locations near you. You can also check out our Equipter 4000 FAQ page for more specs on the equipment itself.


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*Please keep in mind, we are not financial advisors. We’re happy to help, but we highly suggest seeking advice from your bank or financial advisor if you feel it’s necessary before making your final decision.