Why Rent an Equipter?



Renting an Equipter is a quick and easy way to speed up cleanup on the occasional roofing job, gut apartments faster, and even move to–or out of–a second-floor apartment. Learn more about renting the Equipter 4000 drivable dumpster (formerly the Equipter RB4000) in the video above or click below to find the rental location closest to you now.


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Where to Rent Equipter Equipment

Whether you only need it for a day, a week, or maybe a month or you’re interested in trying out an Equipter before you buy one, we can connect you with your closest rental location. Our database features over 300 third-party Equipter rental locations across the US. Click the button above and plug in your location for a list of local Equipter rental locations or give us a call at 717-661-3591.





Equipter rental costs vary from location to location, but if it’s your first time renting the Equipter 4000, we offer a separate $75 Manufacturer’s First-Time Rental Rebate. Click here to learn more about our Equipter rental rebate program.


Equipter Rental FAQs


What type of equipment can I rent?
Currently, over 250 third-party rental locations across the US and Canada offer the option to rent the Equipter 4000. Other Equipter equipment may be available at select locations.
What can I use the Equipter 4000 dump trailer for?
Initially designed as a landscape protection solution to roofing debris control struggles, the Equipter 4000 drivable dumpster is now used in a variety of industries. Fire and water restoration and general construction are just a few. Not only a portable dumpster, the Equipter 4000 makes for a great lift solution when transporting drywall, appliances, and other heavy materials to second stories.
Where can I find an Equipter rental near me?
Equipter maintains a growing database of over 250 third-party rental locations across the United States–from Massachusetts to Oregon–and Canada. We make it easy to find your closest Equipter rental spots–just use our Rental Locator tool or give us a call at 717-661-3591 for a list of Equipter rental locations in your area!
How much does it cost to rent an Equipter 4000?
Since Equipter works with multiple third-party equipment rental companies, the price of renting an Equipter varies. As of February 2022, Equipter rental costs range from $200-$300 per day, $800-$1,200 per week, and $2,000-$2,600 per month depending on location.
Do I need insurance to rent an Equipter?
Many equipment rental companies require proof of insurance before renting the Equipter. Businesses should provide their business insurance information, and homeowners can rent an Equipter with proof of their homeowner’s policy. Be sure to do your research and contact the rental location for full details.
What if I can’t find an Equipter rental location close to me?
Let us help! We’ve developed good working relationships with many Equipter rental locations, and sometimes that allows us to connect you with a rental opportunity that may not be apparent from the rental database. Call us at 717-661-3591.
What is the First-Time Renter’s Rebate?
When you rent the Equipter 4000 for the first time, Equipter offers a $75 Manufacturer’s Rebate. Just submit the receipt from the rental company to Equipter, and once confirmed, we will send you a check for $75. Click here for more info or to claim your rebate now.
Do you deliver Equipter rentals?
Many of the Equipter rental companies in our database offer job site delivery and pick-up. Be sure to check out their websites or ask via phone or email.
How will my crews learn to use the Equipter 4000?

Some Equipter dumpster rental companies will review the easy-to-use control panel with you and your crew upon delivery. Equipter has also created tutorial videos for quick and easy access anytime. 

Should I rent or buy an Equipter 4000?

If you find you’re renting the Equipter 4000 multiple weeks every other month or on a month-to-month basis, it may be a wise decision to invest in your own Equipter. Financing starts at around $650-$700 a month, whereas the average cost of renting for a single week is approximately $800. Results from a 2018 Equipter customer survey show that over 50% of customers believe the unit pays for itself within the first year.

Still on the fence? This more extensive article can help you make a more informed decision.
How do I buy an Equipter?
Easy! To get the process started, you can head to our Build + Buy page. There, you’ll find all of our equipment and optional accessories. Or you can give us a call at 717-661-3591. We’re happy to help you determine the best Equipter for your business.


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