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Why the RB4000 is Awesome

Remove and manage construction and roofing debris faster and better with the RB4000! It’s a driveable, raisable, towable, and dumpable vehicle that can move materials and debris efficiently.

This self-contained power source can be towed by your vehicle from one site to another, and its performance competency can optimize any job leaving behind wasted time and effort.

Here are just a few ways the RB4000 can make your work more efficient.

  • Make collecting roofing debris easy and lifting materials to your crew a cinch with the multipurpose 12-foot lift.

  • Preserve landscaping by positioning the 4-foot roll-back extension over shrubs and flowerbeds.

  • Get more work done at one time with the large, dumpable container.

  • The compact 6-foot-wide design with a precise turning radius allows maneuvering in tight spots that trucks and trailers can’t touch.

  • The 4 independently operated stabilizers can level the RB4000 almost anywhere so that no job is left undone.

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