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How To Drive More Roofing Leads with SEO

February 27, 2024

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to succeed. This is especially true for roofing companies, as the roofing industry is highly competitive. If you're not investing in search engine optimization (SEO) for your roofing company, there's a good chance that potential customers will find your competitors first. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about roofing SEO, including what it is, its benefits, and how to get started.


The Guide to Replacing a Roof During the Winter

December 5, 2023

As the weather changes in the Northern part of the country, roofers take on a new set of challenges when they have roofing jobs in the winter and homeowners have a new set of things to look for in a roof replacement job. Roofing in a cold climate requires some additional planning and the right set of tools to ensure that the process is efficient, safe, and effective. This blog post will cover how to plan for replacing a roof in the winter and what to look for as a homeowner.


Equipter Tow-A-Lift Product Update: November 2023

November 21, 2023

In June of 2023, we introduced the Equipter Tow-A-Lift towable forklift concept on our blog along with some preliminary renderings. In October, Equipter took a prototype of the Tow-A-Lift to the Equip Expo in Louisville, KY. Positive feedback at the show was instantaneous and videos of the Tow-A-Lift in use quickly went viral. This post outlines who is most interested in the Tow-A-Lift so far, what our current production timeline for the Tow-A-Lift is, and when to expect target specs.


Including the Equipter 4000 in the Roofing Sales Pitch

October 24, 2023

If your roofing company already owns an Equipter 4000, you already have an advantage over your competition in terms of time savings and debris-free job sites. Your crew knows what the Equipter is capable of, but is your sales team aware of what the Equipter offers to homeowners? This article will cover how to include the Equipter in your sales pitch, how the Equipter differentiates you from other roofing contractors, and how it can help your sales team close more customers.


Roof Repair Versus Roof Replacement

October 17, 2023

Committing to replacing a roof can be scary for homeowners. In the case of a surprise leak or an uninsured weather event, the sudden cost associated with a roof replacement can be a shock. Because of this, many homeowners opt to repair their roof rather than fully replace it. This article will cover what to look for when judging if your roof can be repaired and whether roof repair is a smart long-term investment.


No Hitch Time Rentals: Equipter 4000 Rental Deliveries

October 10, 2023

The Equipter blog has previously covered how easy renting the Equipter 4000 is. We have posted a complete guide to renting the Equipter, our YouTube page has tutorials on operating the Equipter in English and Spanish, and we have an interactive rental location tool to find which of our 400+ rental providers are closest to you. What some people may not know is that some rental locations offer deliveries to and from your job site, making the process of renting an Equipter 4000 even easier.


Equipter 4000: The Roof Referral Machine

September 26, 2023

One of the most important sources for leads that roofers can pull from are referrals. When satisfied customers recommend a roofing service to their friends and family, it is one of the easiest ways for a roofing company to establish itself. This article will cover how the Equipter 4000 can play a pivotal role in selling more roofs based on customer referrals.


Built Different: Comparing the Equipter 4000 to Tilt and Dump Trailers

September 19, 2023

Not all trailers are built the same and with this article, we will be taking a look at how tilt and dump trailers stack up against the Equipter 4000. These types of trailers may cost less money upfront, but are you going to get everything you need out of one once it is in your fleet? This article explores what each trailer can do and how the Equipter 4000 can serve as an alternative to tilt and dump trailers.


Changes to Section 179 for 2023

September 12, 2023

Toward the end of the year, Section 179 of the American tax code becomes a huge topic among business owners. There are some fresh changes to be aware of in 2023 that will affect bonus depreciation over the next few years. This article will cover the latest changes to Section 179 and how the Equipter 4000 is, perennially, a great idea for your equipment purchase planning.


A Homeowner’s Guide To Solar Shingles

September 5, 2023

Solar shingles are a relatively new product in the roofing marketplace. Solar shingles were first made available in 2005 and, since then, increases in efficiency and federal and state incentives have made solar shingles more enticing to homeowners. This article will cover what a solar shingle is, how it compares to solar panels, and what to look for when hiring a solar shingle installer.