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When you add any Equipter product to your crew, you gain access to all the assets you need to maximize your success with this innovative piece of equipment. The Equipter HUB is your go-to spot for tips, tricks, and resources for revolutionizing your business.


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Asset Library

Advance Your Marketing Strategy

Get instant access to a library of educational and marketing materials exclusively available to Equipter product owners. These materials help demonstrate the power of each product, including the RB4000 and the New Roof No Mess® experience, for your residential or commercial customers. 


View and download professionally designed videos, brochures, and imagery on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC for your marketing strategy and sales pitch, complimentary of Equipter, LLC.


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Education Center

Gain a More Competitive Edge

Up your game with videos on sales pitch tips and tricks, job site etiquette, and the countless ways to tie the Equipter products into your business process from start to finish, whether you're in roofing, general contracting, equipment rentals, or another industry. In the Equipter Education Center, you can find short video tutorials on how to tie Equipter products into your...

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Pitch
  • Job Site

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Customized Social Ads

Get Noticed on Social Media

Finally, a marketing tool that simplifies every aspect of digital advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


Discover how Boostpoint eliminates the time-sucking confusion of social media ads from start to finish. This easy-to-use software creates, targets, submits, and even measures your digital ad campaigns, presenting results in more understandable reports.


Your account can also come preloaded with ad templates designed to show customers how you'll use the Equipter products to enhance their experience with your company. 


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