Aaron Beiler, CEO of Equipter, owned and operated a successful family-run roofing replacement business for 15 years. He and his sons worked hard, but like an entrepreneur in any industry, he began to think: “Why don’t we work smarter rather than harder?”

Aaron knew that efficient debris removal would make a significant difference in how quickly and effectively roofing jobs could be finished.

Since no equipment existed to manage debris to the level they envisioned, the Beilers sketched their own ideas for a tool that would perform to their expectations. The Equipter RB4000 lift, previously known as the Roofer’s Buggy, was born.

“Why don’t we work smarter rather than harder?”

Debris Management SolutionsChanging the Way Roofers Work

The first few units were used exclusively by the family’s roofing business. But it wasn’t long before Aaron recognized that the innovative roofing equipment was taking his company’s productivity, profitability, and professionalism to new heights.

He established New Heights, LLC in 2004, and began manufacturing the RB4000 lift to give roofing companies and other contractors the time-saving tools they need to run more successful businesses.

Today, our family continues to own and operate the business that started with our dad’s vision to work smarter. We engineer the products ourselves and manufacture them by hand, with American-made components, in the heart of Lancaster County, PA, an area known for its solid work ethic and old-world values.

Putting Values to Work for Clients, Partners, & Employees

Our values aren’t just words to be posted on an office wall or website—they’re the guiding force behind everything we do.


Innovation drives us. That’s been true since day one. Equipter began when Aaron, with help from his family, developed a vision for a new way to work, one that would revolutionize debris management.

That innovation didn’t stop when the first Equipter RB4000 lift was manufactured. Our dedication to helping roofers and other contractors work smarter continues in our Research & Development Department, a dedicated workshop in our Lancaster, PA manufacturing facility. From improving current product features to engineering new contracting equipment, the innovation part of our collective brain is always switched to on.


Relationships guide us. Since 2004, our team has worked hard to build long-term relationships based on respect and mutual trust. We enjoy personal relationships with our customers and business partners. Our team has even been known to personally deliver RB4000s and other equipment to new and established clients.

That focus on relationships doesn’t stop with clients and partners—it extends to our employees, too. As a family-owned company, we value the hard work, sweat, and innovation employees put into the roofing equipment we manufacture.

Our family and other team members are actively involved in the community, sharing time and resources with projects based in Lancaster—and across the globe. The Equipter team currently works with a refugee program that helps displaced people build a life of promise in America. We’ve hired program participants, providing them with the job training they need to become valued Equipter team members able to provide for their own families and work toward a new life.


Quality sustains us. We started as a roofing replacement business, so we understand firsthand that contractors need equipment as tough as their crews. Every Equipter product is engineered and manufactured to withstand daily wear-and-tear on the jobsite—the original RB4000 lifts we built 15 years ago are still in service. Our team continues its commitment to building quality into every piece we manufacture.

Whether you’re a roofer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania or a landscaper in Seattle, Washington, Equipter will be by your side with the tools you need to build a healthier bottom line.


Management Team


Aaron Beiler


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