Innovative Equipment That Will Boost Your Efficiency Build + Buy

Roofing Trailer

Breakthrough to a new level of efficiency and success with the single best roofing process made possible by the Equipter RB4000 lift.

  • Provide the most efficient and professional roofing process
  • Eliminate clean-up by 80% or more
  • Increase worksite efficiency by 25% or more

Dump Trailer

Moving debris, gravel, or any type of materials can be inefficient, don’t let it be by using the Equipter RB3000 dump trailer.

  • Eliminate double handling debris or material
  • Cut labor time by driving your materials or debris exactly where you need it

Portable Dumpster

Managing debris in bad access areas can consume hours of extra manual labor. Use the Equipter RB2000 self-propelled lift to eliminate extra time.

  • Access areas that only have a 3 ft. wide space
  • Lift and dump up to 2,000 lbs. of debris
  • Increase worksite efficiency by 25% or more

Mobile Crane

Lifting heavy material or equipment on a worksite is cumbersome and inefficient. Provide your company with the most efficient process with the Equipter CR8000 mobile crane.

  • Eliminate back-breaking work and increase efficiency
  • Access around the worksite or home with its self-propelled feature
  • IHas a reach of up to 23 ft.

Brake Storage System

It can be a hassle to set up your aluminum brake system. Make it easy with the Stow-A-Brake brake storage system.

  • Go to storing to working position in a matter of seconds
  • Eliminate heavy lifting when using or storing brake system
  • Only needs one crew member to operate