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State-of-the-art Construction Equipment

Our goal at Equipter is to design and manufacture unique roofing equipment, like the Equipter RB4000 lift, that will help your roofing company become more profitable. Our team strives to create new and innovative construction equipment that will boost your business's efficiency and effectiveness. We began our search for durable roofing equipment after many long days and evenings spent on the roof. After our quest had left us empty handed, we set out to manufacture our own equipment.

After 15 years of residential roofing, we created our first RB4000 lift. Aaron Beiler ( CEO of Equipter) used the first few units that were built directly on his job sites. Aaron and his sons noticed an immediate increase in the efficiency of their onsite debris removal. Seeing the benefits of the RB4000 lift, Aaron established what is now Equipter. Since the establishment of Equipter in 2004, we've always been striving to keep bringing you durable, dependable equipment. 

Equipter RB4000 logo
equipter rb4000 construction equipment

The Equipter RB4000 lift is a self-propelled roofing trailer, specially designed for residential roofers to manage debris more efficiently. This piece of equipment can be used as a residential construction tool and for commercial job applications. This roofing tool is manufactured as a quality built self-propelled trailer with scissors lift function that can be used for debris removal or as a material lift. The RB4000 lift is convenient and safer than a standard shingle hoist or shingle elevator.

Equipter RB3000 Logo
Equipter RB3000 Dump Trailer

This unique piece of construction equipment is built to tow, dump and drive around the job site. The Equipter RB3000 trailer is a durable, efficient, self-propelled dump trailer helping construction, landscaping, and roofing companies move supplies and tools. This dump trailer is built with wide tires eliminating the chance of tire marks in customers yards. To ensure easy dumping, we’ve created this dump trailer with a powered tailgate and top and bottom lifting capabilities. With rear stabilizers for support, the RB3000 trailer stays steady on uneven terrain.

Equipter RB2000 Logo
Equipter RB2000 Small Dumpster

If you’re looking for a small self-propelled dumpster, look no further. The Equipter RB2000 lift was specifically designed to get into those hard to get to spaces. Instead of awkwardly maneuvering a wheelbarrow and taking countless trips to empty it, you now have a small, self-propelled dumpster. A great efficient, debris removing tool for landscapers and general construction.

Equipter CR8000 Logo
Equipter CR8000 Small Mobile Crane

The Equipter CR8000 is a small mobile crane, built to help your contracting company succeed. With it’s towing capability, you can tow it directly behind your truck and take it with you to the job site. It works great in conjunction with the Equipter Debris Bags and enables you to maximize efficiency on the job site. For industries that require lots of heavy lifting like masonry, and HVAC, this small mobile crane will save you from hard, back-breaking work.

Equipter Stow-A-Brake Logo
Stow-A-Brake Working position

This simple Equipter side brake mount was designed to save you and your crew members time and energy. Our Stow-A-Brake system lets you easily attach your aluminum brake to the ladder rack on the side of your truck and requires only a one man crew to set up a brake, not the usual two-man team. It is designed with four easy-to-use brackets that you bolt to your ladder rack or truck, it’s as simple as that.

Construction Equipment That Works for You

When we set out to manufacture construction equipment, we knew that it couldn't be your conventional everyday equipment. It had to be sturdy, durable, and dependable. Each piece of material used to build our equipment is carefully chosen and inspected by quality. Each of our machines is built to last and boost efficiency for any industry.

As a family-run, American owned business; we make all our equipment in the USA. Our manufacturing facility is based right in the heart of Lancaster, Pa. We know that busy businessmen man don't have time for machine breakdowns and time-consuming maintenance, that's why we build our machines to last.

Simplify Debris Removal with Equipter

Fueling the success of your company is at the heart of everything we do. We make revolutionary roofing equipment designed to help businesses in construction, general contracting, residential roofing, commercial roofing, and more.

We give you and your crew the equipment you need to work more efficiently and effectively on every job.