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6 Roofing Companies That Use the Equipter RB4000 on Their Websites

February 25, 2021

The Equipter RB4000 isn’t just for increasing efficiency on the job. Equipter offers materials to help our customers make the most out of their self-propelled dump trailers off the job, too.


3 Reasons You Need an Equipter on Your Job Site

February 4, 2021

By Foothills Roofing & Exteriors


5 Innovative Commercial Roofing Tools and Equipment

December 31, 2020

Whether you’re a new commercial roofing business or you’ve been around for decades, the most efficient way to build and maintain a professional reputation is by using the right roofing tools and equipment.


When to Talk to Your Accountant About Tax Write-Offs [And What to Ask]

December 23, 2020

This year has been a tough one. However, many companies in the roofing and construction industries have been able to keep their heads above water, some even having a busy year. Now it’s the end of the year, and, if your company has been profitable, you’re thinking about what you could do to maximize your tax write-offs.


5 More SEO Tips for Roofers

December 10, 2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help increase your roofing website’s organic traffic. While we shared some SEO tips with you in the past, we’d like to offer a few more tips on SEO for our roofing friends.


How to Maintain a Steady Roofing Brand Presence on Social Media

December 3, 2020

By Boostpoint


5 Roofing Tools That Don’t Need Electricity to Get the Job Done

November 5, 2020

If you’re a roofer working in an area that’s recently been hit by a hurricane, tornado, or intense storm, you know what it’s like to work with the bare necessities–and sometimes without electricity.


5 Favorite Roofing Shovels [And Where to Find Them]

October 29, 2020

Did you know...there is no roofing shovel that rules them all? Each shovel on the market has its pros and cons, so it’s important to take others’ opinions into consideration when looking to equip your crews with the most effective tools.


3 Storm Tracker Apps and Why Roofing Contractors Should Use Them

October 15, 2020

Storm tracker apps can change how you do business. While most provide real-time weather updates, some even integrate with other software to help roofers and restoration professionals maintain extensive records for customers and prospects.


Going Digital: 5 Benefits of Attending Virtual Trade Shows

October 8, 2020

During a worldwide pandemic, attending large in-person gatherings isn’t exactly the safest decision.