A Brake Storage System You Won’t Want To Do Without
Stow-A-Brake lets you easily mount your aluminum brake to the ladder rack on the side of your truck.

Stow-A-Brake: A Siding Tool Made To Save Time and Labor
If you use an aluminum brake to wrap windows, craft flashing for chimneys and roofs, or install fascia and soffit, Stow-A-Brake will make your life easier. With it, you can store your brake directly on the ladder rack on the side of your vehicle. And because of its well-engineered design, it requires just one crew member (not the typical two) to set up a brake.

Who can it benefit?

•    General Contractors
•    Window and Siding Installation Contractors
•    Residential Roofing Contractors

Is Stow-A-Brake right for you? Learn more about how it works and its specifications.

Stow-A-Brake is easy to install and easy to operate—even for one-man crews!

Powder coated for long-lasting durability
Gas springs to make set up and take down effortless
Quick release clamps to allow quick relocation of your brake
Made with aluminum parts so it’s lightweight

How To Mount It To Your Truck

With its four easy-to-use brackets that you bolt to your ladder rack or truck, Stow-A-Brake is simple to install. The brackets are designed to work on most ladder racks.

(Brackets and bolts are included)