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RB4000 dump trailer


Work smarter with the drivable Equipter RB4000 dumpster, designed for roofers, general contractors, and restoration professionals. From taking the hassle out of debris management to reducing the risk of property damage on a roofing job, this dumpster's 12-foot lift, 4-foot rollback feature, and 4,000 lb capacity will change the way you work, get customers, and earn referrals.

  • Cut clean-up time by up to 80%
  • Boost job site efficiency by 25% or more
  • Complete two to six more jobs a month
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RB3000 (Angled)-602x401-2ae436c


Whether you’re in the graveyard industry or into hauling landscaping materials, this self-propelled 4,000-lb capacity trailer makes it easier to get the job done faster—and with far less heavy manual labor.

  • Reduce the physical wear-and-tear of moving heavy materials so crews stay energized longer
  • Decrease labor hours by dumping debris exactly where you need it
  • Maneuver easily around landscaping and other features to reduce property damage risk
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Navigate through tighter spaces with this lightweight, 4-foot 4-inch wide liftable dump container. Its aluminum construction with a 9-horsepower engine makes hauling natural disaster debris, roofing shingles, or other tools and materials easy on sidewalks and across lawns.

  • Reduce the risk of damage to customers' properties with a 7-foot lift so debris has less distance to fall
  • Transport up to 2,500 lbs of debris from the roof to the curb
  • Clean up faster and get home sooner
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RB2000 transport position


Need an extra hand for debris cleanup? Save hours of extra manual labor in hard-to-access areas with the self-propelled Equipter RB2000. The rugged, super-compact container, which holds up to 2,000 lbs, allows you to move heavy, bulky materials, like shingles, debris, dirt, or drywall.

  • Access job site areas as narrow as 3 feet wide
  • Raise and lower tough-to-handle materials with its 7-foot lift
  • Boost work site efficiency by 25% or more
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CR8400 Mobile Crane


Let our drivable, compact crane do the heavy lifting for you. With a tight turning radius, wide tires, and a 6-foot wide chassis, the CR8400 crane takes heavy or bulky materials, like headstones and generators, where larger cranes simply can’t.

  • Lift, lower, and load with its 23-foot reach
  • Get the lifting power you need without the price tag or hassle of a conventional crane
  • A radio control lets you safely place objects more precisely
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Stow-A-Brake brake storage system


Make life easier when it's time to wrap windows or craft flashing with the Stow-A-Brake brake storage system. Engineered with gas springs, the system extends to working height, so you can easily use your brake without removing it.

  • Save time by transitioning from storage to working in a matter of seconds
  • Eliminate heavy lifting when using or storing a brake system
  • Only needs one crew member—not two—to operate
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