When can I get my Equipter 7000?

The Projected Production Window for delivery of the Equipter 7000 is 2025 for people who pre-ordered in the week following IRE in February of 2024. The current projected delivery window for newly placed orders is early 2026.

How long have you been working on the Equipter 7000 design?

6 years.

Does the Equipter 7000 require training and certification to be operated?

Consult your local regulatory bodies for certification requirements.

We suggest referring to OSHA standard 1910.178(I) for more information on what certification and training is required for this type of equipment.

Instructional videos and other operator support materials will be available in the future.

How heavy is the Equipter 7000?

The Equipter 7000 has a tare weight of approximately 9500 lbs.

Equipter offers a standard 14,000 lb. GVWR for the Equipter 7000. This weight, in combination with the tow vehicle's GVWR, will likely have a direct impact on DOT requirements.

What size vehicle do you need to tow the Equipter 7000?

Equipter recommends a tow vehicle capable of towing 14,000 lbs.

The Equipter 7000 tongue weight is approximately 1,700 lbs. when the trailer is empty.

Can it be used as a man lift?

The Equipter 7000 is NOT approved to be used as a man lift.

How far away does the remote work?

100 ft. in an unobstructed line of sight.

If the remote stops working, can the Equipter 7000 still be operated?

Yes, from the local display, however some functions will be limited.

Can it drive when the boom is extended?

Driving with boom extended is possible within safe parameters.

Are there any safety features?

There are some safety features and parameters in the operating software.

What is the box size?

72” X 104” X 24”.

What accessories are available (or coming up)?

Debris Container, Forks, and Toolbox (future product).

Do the forks come with the Equipter 7000?

It is an optional accessory.

Can you tow the 7000 on the road with the fork attachment on the boom end?

No, but the fork attachment can be stored on the debris container for transport.

What brand and size engine?

Vanguard 40 HP.

How high does it lift?

With forks 23'5''. With the debris container 25' 5".

How well does the Equipter 7000 do in yards?

With the four large tires, the Equipter 7000 has a lower ground pressure than the Equipter 4000.