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A Complete Guide To Renting The Equipter 4000

The Equipter 4000 is a game changing tool for debris management used by roofers, remodelers, and contractors among many diverse industries. If you have never used an Equipter before, renting one is easy. They are available to rent in many areas of the United States and Canada and daily rates are surprisingly affordable considering the Equipter’s ability to increase jobsite efficiency. Some of you may wonder what you need to rent an Equipter 4000. This article will guide you through the process of trying out an Equipter for the first time.

The Equipter dumping debris into a dumpster

What Can the Equipter 4000 Do?
The self-propelled Equipter 4000 trailer is a towable piece of equipment that can lift and dump debris. The Equipter can be towed to a jobsite, can be driven under its own power to exactly where you need it, and its 4.1 cubic yard box can catch, lower, lift, and dump up to 4,000 pounds of materials.

Where Can I Rent an Equipter 4000?
The Equipter is available to rent from nearly 400 rental partners across the United States and Canada. You can use our rental map to find the location nearest to you. Some rental locations will deliver and pick up the Equipter from your jobsite. Our map provides extra information like cat codes that may help to identify availability at specific rental locations.

What Do I Need to Tow an Equipter 4000?
The Equipter 4000 has a tare weight of 3,960 pounds. It can attach to your vehicle with a 2 5/16” ball hitch. The Equipter can be towed by vehicles like the Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, or Ford Expedition. Higher end work models will tow the Equipter with ease. It is important to always make sure your vehicle has a GVWR capacity greater than that of the Equipter and tow vehicle weight combined.

How Do I Operate the Equipter 4000?
Equipter has a tutorial page with video guides for our models in English and Spanish. These tutorials have easy to follow steps and include a visual guide to coupling, chaining, and towing the Equipter 4000 with your vehicle.

Where Can I Empty an Equipter 4000?
The most efficient way to empty an Equipter on a large debris removal job is to lift and dump the Equipter’s contents into a rollaway dumpster. Using the Equipter will eliminate the need for wheelbarrows, ramps, and manually lifting and tossing material into a dumpster. For small jobs, the Equipter and its contents can be towed to a dump or waste management site.

Whether you are a contractor who has never used the Equipter before, a roofer who has used one on a previous job with another crew, or a homeowner who needs an Equipter for a quick job, renting the Equipter 4000 is a simple way to save time and labor.