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3 Ways the RB4000 Helps Commercial Roof Snow Removal Companies

commercial roof snow removal without rb4000

From its beginnings, the Equipter RB4000 has been heavily used in the roofing industry. However, it’s been recognized as an equally valuable piece of equipment in multiple other industries, including construction, restoration, and landscaping. The RB4000 has also been useful in the snow removal industry. 

Check out these three ways the RB4000 brings efficiency and safety to commercial roof snow removal. 

1. More Safely Transport Equipment to the Roof

According to OSHA, reported accidents during snow removal include falls, entrapments, and electrocution. That’s why it’s essential that crews always receive proper safety training and use the right equipment.

Hauling commercial roof snow removal equipment from your truck to the roof can be dangerous. Climbing a ladder while carrying heavy equipment to the roof is hard on the body, and one quick slip can land a crew member in the emergency room in no time.

The RB4000 enables you to transport commercial snow removal tools from your shop to the roof more safely. Simply load your tools in the container of the RB4000 and tow it to the job site. Then, unhook the RB4000 from the truck, drive it to where it’s needed, and lift all your equipment directly to the roof. This saves you and your crew energy and prevents potential accidents resulting from carrying materials up slippery ladder rungs.

2. Fit Into Tight Spaces 

Large equipment can be put to use to lift snow off commercial roofs with tarps or other snow removal equipment. However, using larger equipment is particularly challenging when you need to squeeze into the tight spaces that may need to be accessed to complete commercial roof snow removal. 

With its compact size, the RB4000 can easily be maneuvered into narrow spaces, making it easy for you to reach the roof from nearly any angle. 

3. Get Snow Off the Roof and Away From the Building Faster

Removing snow from a commercial roof isn’t like plowing a parking lot. Sliding snow off the roof could lead to piles of it against the building, on sidewalks, or in other high-trafficked areas around the building, which is a safety hazard for potential customers. 

The Equipter RB4000 offers the efficiency and safety you need for your snow removal job. 

With its 12-foot lift, the RB4000 reaches the roofline of most commercial buildings. After it’s lifted to the roof, your crew can use their tools to shovel the snow directly into the RB4000’s rust-resistant aluminum container. After it’s full, one person can drive this self-propelled dump container, angle the unit, and drop its hydraulic tailgate to dump the snow in a designated area. 

Whether or not you plow parking lots for your local business or shopping centers during your off months, consider offering commercial roof snow removal services. The RB4000 can help you make their environments safer for clients and shoppers of all ages - and get you more business. 

Consider adding the RB4000 to your commercial roof snow removal equipment to bring safety to your crew and streamline your jobs. Click the button below to learn more about the RB4000 now, and don’t forget to follow Equipter on Facebook


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