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4 Benefits of Subscribing to Digital Magazines [And Free Newsletters]

New roofing products, ideas, and opportunities for roofers have been in industry magazines for decades. Over the years, technology has brought about the transformation from traditional print to digital magazines.

Why? Because digital is now taking the stage. Imagine a magazine that you could literally pull out of your pocket to show your friends and coworkers.

That’s exactly what you get when you subscribe to a digital magazine.

digital roofing magazines

Equipter recently discussed this transformation and the benefits of digital magazines with Jill Bloom, Publisher of Roofing Contractor, the first publication to offer a digital edition of its magazine approximately 16 years ago. You’ll find her exclusive insights and more here.

What are the benefits of industry-specific digital magazines?

If roofing magazines are sitting in a corner gathering dust, it’s probably time to consider switching to digital editions. While the content may be the same, digital magazines are much more efficient than their print counterparts.

Check out just a few of their benefits.

1. Digital magazines won’t clutter your office space.

When work is booming, you likely spend less time in the office. Piles of paperwork and forgotten mail quickly clutter your desk, counters, and any other available space.

magazine clutter

Digital magazines take up zero counter space and can easily be filed in a folder in your email, so you can keep everything in one spot. They also reduce the amount of recycling.

Jill shares, “It’s much easier to save an article digitally than save a stack of magazines. So, ultimately, digital saves paper and recycling bins.”

With so much more space in the cloud than in your office, it just makes sense!

2. Access magazines across multiple devices.

One of the biggest benefits of digital magazines is that they’re easy to access on so many devices and take with you anywhere. Whether you’re in the office, killing time at the doctor’s office, or catching up on the latest industry insights over lunch, it’s easy to instantly access digital copies of your favorite roofing magazines on your computer, tablet, or smartphone in no time.

Jill Bloom says that instantaneous access is one of the key benefits of subscribing to digital magazines. “Digital editions can be accessed and read anywhere and anytime you need. They also can instantaneously be shared globally, which open[s] up all kinds of opportunities.”

3. Digital magazines make info easier–and faster–to access and share.

Clickable links in digital magazines give you easy access to things like webinars, podcasts and new product information.

Jill notes that Roofing Contractor recently changed to a web-based digital system that “makes [the reader’s experience] so much more animated and interactive.”

What does that mean?

Many articles and ads in their magazine are now clickable, giving you instant access to new and popular products and resources that can boost your business. Interested in sharing material with your boss or coworkers? Digital magazines give you that flexibility without passing around your only copy.

“We already spend our time accessing content online, so with digital magazines, it’s easy to save the links and share with the roofing community,” states Jill Bloom.

4. Digital magazines are safer than print magazines.

It may sound bizarre, but given the worldwide pandemic of 2020, it’s safer to go digital these days. Who knows who’s handled your mail?

According to the Roofing Contractor publisher, “COVID [has] forced all of us to explore what digital products we need to run our lives and businesses more effectively. Digital integrates and connects to all kinds of additional examples, where print stands alone.”

Subscribing to digital magazines is an added precaution you can take to keep your family and coworkers safe.

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Digital roofing magazines can be greatly beneficial to you and your business, so make sure you find the ones you love the most and subscribe!