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Equipter 4000: The Roof Referral Machine

One of the most important sources for leads that roofers can pull from are referrals. When satisfied customers recommend a roofing service to their friends and family, it is one of the easiest ways for a roofing company to establish itself. This article will cover how the Equipter 4000 can play a pivotal role in selling more roofs based on customer referrals.

The Equipter 4000 and Rear Extension Kit on a roofing job

Referrals are not only some of the highest quality leads and the ones easiest to convert into customers, they lower a roofing company’s traditional marketing cost overhead. Referrals are much more cost-effective than other forms of advertising and having a strategy in place to attract referrals can lessen the need for traditional advertising. The Equipter 4000, particularly ones wrapped with a company logo, are often seen as a great way to advertise. One of the added benefits of the Equipter is creating happy homeowners on each job, getting a higher referral rate, and ultimately needing less of a budget for advertising which immediately puts money back into a business’s pocket.

So, what are homeowners looking for in a roofer when they recommend them to their friends and family? Quality work and attention to detail are always high on the list. Can a roofing company deliver the product that their sales team has sold? Homeowners are looking for roofers who use the right equipment and demonstrate their expertise. Homeowners also look for professionalism, communication, and transparency. Crews who are respectful, have a professional demeanor on the job site, hold an open line of communication with the homeowner, and flatly outline costs and timelines are much more likely to garner positive feedback and referrals. Homeowners want a company that is respectful of their property and a large aspect of that is clean-up. A property should not have traces of work after a roofing job.

The Equipter 4000 assists roofers in each of these areas. The Equipter allows crews to focus on their work, giving them the time that they need to deliver a high quality roof. The Equipter 4000 demonstrates professionalism to homeowners and care for the crews who use it. The Equipter’s ability to leave landscaping free of debris, nails, and shingles is second-to-none. With the Equipter, a homeowner’s lawn, patio, gardens, and bushes are protected from damage. The appearance of the Equipter 4000 on the job will wow homeowners but it is the time savings and thorough clean-up that will lead to referrals.

The American-made Equipter 4000 rolls out on jobs every morning, coast-to-coast across America. To rent an Equipter from one of our over 400 rental providers, you can view our rental map. To see which package is best suited for your company, you can use our interactive Build + Buy tool or contact our sales team.