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Equipter RB2500 Press Release

A New Level of Professionalism

LANCASTER, PA - The roofing, restoration, and construction industries are about to change thanks to the new Equipter RB2500, the latest product offered by the company that introduced the world to the original Roofer’s Buggy in 2004. 

Headquartered in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish Country, Equipter, LLC offers an array of equipment used in industries ranging from roofing to landscaping to gravesite management. Their newest product, the Equipter RB2500, recently made its debut at the 2020 International Roofing Expo.

“At Equipter, we put our customers first. When we heard our customers say occasionally they need access to particularly tight areas, we set to work designing a new product that could better meet that need,” explains Aaron Beiler, Founder of Equipter.

The RB2500 can be driven on sidewalks, avoiding the need to drive on many freshly manicured lawns. It can also fit into alleyways with its width less than 4.5 ft.

Restoration contractors can remove debris from the first or second story of a building after a natural disaster, and roofers can manage 8 to 10 square of roofing debris at a time with this new piece of equipment. The RB2500 has a lift of up to 7 ft and a standard catch span of 3.75 ft. Its lightweight aluminum container holds up to 2,500 lbs. 

“Every person on the Equipter sales team is passionate about the products we offer and enjoys helping companies exceed their customers’ expectations,” says John Stoltzfus, Equipter Sales Manager. “Offering the RB2500 is one more way we can do that.”


To learn more about the Equipter RB2500, visit or call 717-661-3591. Keep up with the latest from Equipter online by following them on LinkedIn and Facebook.