Roofing Sales Articles

Selling your roofing services to a potential customer is tough. Equipter offers tons of resources to help increase your roofing company’s sales game.

Including the Equipter 4000 in the Roofing Sales Pitch

If your roofing company already owns an Equipter 4000, you already have an advantage over your competition in terms of time savings and debris-free job sites. Your crew knows what the Equipter is capable of, but is your sales team aware of what the Equipter offers to homeowners? This article will cover how to include the Equipter in your sales pitch, how the Equipter differentiates you from other roofing contractors, and how it can help your sales team close more customers.

Showing the benefits of The Equipter 4000 from a video presentation

Let’s first take a look at the foundational elements of a good roofing sales pitch. First and foremost, homeowners are looking for a roofing company that will listen to them and meet their needs. Identify the homeowner’s goals and clearly explain how you will deliver a service that best addresses their needs. A sales team should encourage a clear path of communication with their clients. Outlining in your roofing marketing material how your company is better than the competition will enable you to break away from other companies. Your roofing marketing pieces should include a portfolio of high quality photos of your craftsmanship on past jobs, references from past customers, and information on what makes your roofing company unique: whether it is the ability to schedule jobs quickly when needed, an exceptionally helpful customer service team, or the ability to answer questions after hours. Think about what your company has to offer that your competitors do not.

If your roofing company’s crews use the Equipter 4000, you are in a great place to offer a service that other roofing companies do not (or a service that their sales team fail to mention). Using the Equipter allows crews to spend less time on the roof, which is a relief for homeowners. The Equipter 4000 makes a job site more safe, assuaging homeowner concerns for the crew’s wellbeing. Most of all, the Equipter leaves lawns and landscaping free of debris. You can tell homeowners that their gardens and bushes will be protected from nails and shingles when the Equipter is on their job.

The Equipter 4000 offers your company a distinct competitive advantage, one that your sales team can easily integrate into their pitch. A good sales team will develop brochures and/or digital presentations that show your company’s service in the best light. Equipter offers photo and video content for companies to use in their roofing marketing materials. Reach out to your account rep to see how you can best utilize the sales and marketing material we have to offer. By clearly communicating how the Equipter will help deliver the best roofing experience for homeowners, your sales team will see greater success in converting customers.