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Renting a Shingle Lift Versus Renting an Equipter 4000

Shingle lift rentals are an ideal solution for ambitious homeowners and professional contractors alike in need of bringing more efficiency to their roofing projects. This service provides a mechanized tool used in the lifting and placing of roofing shingles, thereby alleviating the physically daunting chore of hauling heavy shingle bundles onto rooftops. The convenience coupled with a significantly reduced risk of injuries and damages to the roofing materials solidifies the benefits of roof shingle lift rentals. The Equipter 4000 is most widely known for its ability to capture debris, such as shingles and nails during a roofing tear-off, in order to protect a homeowner’s lawn, patio, and garden. What some renters overlook is the Equipter 4000’s ability to lift materials, including shingle bundles, to the roof. This article will compare renting a shingle lift to renting an Equipter 4000.

Roofer using the Equipter 4000 as a material lift to deliver shingle bundles to a roof

What Is A Shingle Lift?

A shingle lift rental can particularly streamline the roofing process. Sometimes also called a shingle hoist, this ladder lift for shingles is tailored to elevate having to manually lift heavy shingle bundles along a specially designed ladder mechanism, adding control and stability to the process of moving shingles to the roof. The ladder lift also adheres to safety regulations, lending a layer of protection to the workers and the property. Diving into shingle lift rentals reveals several cost implications. While the rental rates can widely vary depending on locality, companies, and rental durations, one can expect to spend a fraction of the cost renting a lift than by purchasing the entire equipment. It ultimately offers excellent value for money considering the magnitude of comfort, efficiency, and safety it brings to the table.

How Is An Equipter 4000 Similar To A Shingle Lift And How Does It Differ?

The Equipter 4000 is a towable, drivable dumpster that can be positioned on a roofing jobsite, which then can lift its 4.1 cu. yd. box to the roofline in order to catch debris OR deliver roofing tools and materials including shingle bundles. In situations where supply houses cannot deliver shingles to a job site or to a rooftop, the Equipter 4000 can be used to pick up and transport shingle bundles to anywhere you need them to go. Where a shingle lift delivers a bundle at a time with its lift system, the Equipter 4000 can lift 4,000 lbs. of material to the rooftop in one trip, thereby speeding up the shingle delivery process on larger roofing jobs.

Comparing Renting A Shingle Lift To Renting An Equipter 4000

Shingle lift rental rates vary based on the duration you'll need the lift, the lift type, and the location of the rental company. If you are looking to rent a shingle lift, it would be wise to compare prices between several local companies to ensure that you receive the best value for your money. With shingle lifts primarily tackling only one aspect of a roofing job, the comparative price of renting an Equipter 4000, which may be less than you think, makes renting an Equipter a much better prospect. Moreover, the Equipter 4000 has been trusted by roofing professionals for twenty years and there is only one make or the Equipter, ensuring quality with every rental. The Equipter 4000 is incredibly easy to transport, much easier than transporting a rented shingle lift. Simply hitch the Equipter 4000 to your truck, disengage the Equipter’s axle system with a lever, and go. The Equipter 4000 is available to rent at over 400 rental locations across the United States and Canada. You can search for the closest rental location using our interactive rental map.