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Getting Back To Work After COVID-19: A Quick How-To for Roofers

It's a whole new world, filled with fresh air and refreshed business strategies. Maybe your sales process was put on hold, or maybe you and your sales reps braved uncharted waters to implement a different sort of sales process. Either way, the future of your business practices has changed.

future of business

Getting back to work after a worldwide pandemic takes guts and grit–and a healthy business mindset. 

There’s a new way to roof, and these tips can help you adjust.

Start a new digital sales strategy.

People are slowly acclimating back into the world around them. While some are able to return to work, others are still working from home, struggling to find solutions to their less-than-ideal situations. Not everyone is ready to invite a stranger into their home to talk roof replacement.

If you’ve hit this snag, consider digital sales presentations.

Schedule a video call.

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction. If you can’t meet with your roofing prospect in person but you know they’re anxious to get the project started, schedule a virtual meeting. 

zoom call

Zoom is an excellent platform for hosting high-quality videos with your prospects and customers. A free account gives you unlimited calls. Calls with three or more participants are limited to 40 minutes, but a one-on-one with your roofing prospect can last even longer. Skype is another useful video conferencing platform.

Send an introductory video.

Even if you land an in-person meeting, impress your soon-to-be customer with an email confirmation that separates you from your competition. Include an introductory video about yourself or your sales rep and a bit about your company. Your prospect may still be interviewing other roofing companies, so a virtual introduction from whom they’ll be meeting will help them feel more comfortable when that person arrives.

These are a few platforms on which you can host company videos:

  • YouTube
  • Wistia
  • Your website

No matter where you host videos to send to your roofing prospects and customers, be sure to send a link. Videos are often too big to include in emails, so it’s more practical to link to them in your emails. The most effective way to send a video in your confirmation email is to include a screenshot (or picture) that links to the video. 

Need help? Watch this short video from GMass for instructions on linking an image to a video in your email.

Email helpful digital assets to your prospects.

After meeting with your potential customer, don’t just send any old thank-you email. Make this email worth the read. 

Recap your meeting and send any digital assets used during your presentation. Your lead will appreciate that you’re not only thanking them for their time–you’re also providing them with tools to help make a more informed decision when choosing a roofing contractor.

HUB video

Helpful resources to send include a slide deck (PowerPoint or Keynote presentations) and video that explains your company’s production process.

Need digital assets for your sales presentations? Check out Equipter HUB.

Use equipment that can help you catch up.

Your production was likely on hold while the whole country waited for COVID-19 to find its way out the door. Make sure you and your crews aren’t breaking your backs trying to catch up when you’re finally back to work. Use durable, multipurpose equipment that helps your team get jobs done faster and maintain your professional reputation.

Rent a portable dumpster.

Self-propelled dump containers are perhaps the most versatile and reliable workers on any team. The Equipter RB4000 is easy to tow to nearly any job and drive across different terrains, serving as a utility trailer, shingle lift, and portable dumpster that catches tear-off debris. Homeowners and property managers even appreciate this lightweight equipment because it preserves their well-manicured landscapes.

rb4000 lift

With nearly 200 rental locations across the US and Canada, it’s easy to find this dumpster. Equipter’s Rental Locator Tool quickly pinpoints the closest third-party rental spot to you in just a few clicks. Click the button below to find your nearest Equipter rental in under two minutes.

Find A Rental

Need something smaller?

Efficiently speeding up production improves customer satisfaction and employee morale. The RB4000 may fit where standard dumpsters can’t, but it’s less practical for roofers who need access to alleyways and similarly tight areas. 

That’s what the self-propelled Equipter RB2000 and Equipter RB2500 are for. These more compact dump containers are also liftable to transport supplies and catch debris, and they’re easy to navigate in tighter spaces. The RB2000 even fits through most chain-link fence openings, saving roofers the hassle of dragging heavy tarps and risking spilling sharp debris across the property.

Send personalized thank-you cards.

One more way to impress customers once the job is complete is by sending a personalized thank-you in the mail. Thank-you cards are welcomed surprises among ugly piles of bills. 

send a thank you card

Have your sales rep personalize the card by thanking the customer for their business and manually signing it. Also, include another business card and let them know they can call any time.

Bonus Tip: Order custom cards with your logo and business name on the backs to add one last professional touch to the job.

Return back to work with confidence.

These are just a few ways to help enhance your roofing business process once you get back to work. Restore confidence in your employees by using these tips to improve customer relationships and succeed in this new future.