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5 Favorite Roofing Shovels [And Where to Find Them]

Did you know...there is no roofing shovel that rules them all? Each shovel on the market has its pros and cons, so it’s important to take others’ opinions into consideration when looking to equip your crews with the most effective tools.

Are your crew members using the roofing shovels that are the best fit for them?


What should you look for in a good roofing shovel?

Are you in the market for replacement tear-off tools for your crew? Before you go searching brand name tools, familiarize yourself with what to look for in a roofing shovel.

Here’s what to consider when choosing new roofing shovels:

  • Composition (shovel, shaft, and handle materials)
  • Design (weight, comfort, teeth)
  • Size
  • User reviews

What tear-off shovels do roofers prefer?

Ask your roofers whether they have a preference for a specific tear-off tool. The better you accommodate and equip your crew, the higher your worker retention rate.

This section explores a few popular tear-off shovels among roofing contractors.

5. The Beast Shingle Remover

Manufacturer: Malco
Amazon Customer Rating: 4 Stars

Handle sizes ranging from 24” to 48” make it easy for these tools to strip asphalt shingles at any roof angle. Other benefits include but aren’t limited to:

  • Adjustable head (great for different roof pitches)
  • Replaceable 10-gauge steel head
  • Different-length teeth (good for prying nails while ripping off shingles)

It’s easy to find this tear-off shovel. When you click “Buy Now” on Malco’s product page for the Beast Shingle Remover, a map pops up with available locations and options for purchasing directly online.

4. ProShingle 10-Gauge Shingle Remover

Manufacturer: Bully Tools
Amazon Customer Rating: 4.4 Stars

As the name implies, the shovel head is made of 10-gauge steel. On top of this benefit that assures its durability, the ProShingle remover also offers these benefits:

  • Reinforced fiberglass handle
  • Powdered coat finish (increases longevity and reduces the risk of rusting)
  • Useful for roofers, remodelers, and general contractors

One of the many tear-off shovels made in the USA, the ProShingle can be purchased directly from Bully Tools and on Amazon.

3. Shingle Eater

Manufacturer: Shingle Eater
Amazon Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars

Another favorite shingle remover among professional roofers is the Shingle Eater. Why? In addition to its four different sizes that allow roofers to bend less during tear-off, the benefits of roofing shovel include these and more:

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design (reduces stress on the body)
  • Durable, heat-tempered teeth
  • Ideal for multiple layers of shingles

The Shingle Eater can be found at over 30 distributors, including big-name suppliers like ABC Supply and Beacon.

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