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The Equipter 4000 and Other Essential Tools for Storm Damage Cleanup

Every late summer, crews across the Midwest and Southeast deal with storm damage from hurricanes and tornadoes. The Equipter 4000 self-propelled dump trailer has been a valuable tool for cleanup crews on storm cleanup sites. To prepare for cleanup jobs, we have put together a guide to help create a plan that increases efficiency and keeps crews safe. This article will cover the tools you will need for storm damage cleanup jobs and how to navigate the challenging logistics of cleanup sites.

Roofing Crew and Equipter 4000

One of the most immediately helpful tools for storm cleanup are chainsaws. In order to cut down fallen trees and branches, remove trees from roadways, and create navigable paths for crews to do their work, chainsaws and handsaws are often the first tools used. If you are preparing ahead of a storm, having a spare chain and extra chain oil on hand is a good idea. Once a site can be accessed, excavators and bulldozers are commonly used for clearing fallen trees, pushing large objects, and removing debris from collapsed structures.

The Equipter 4000 can do the job of many different types of equipment on storm damage jobs. The Equipter can be used to move debris away from cleanup sites. In areas where debris is too heavy to transport by wheelbarrow or cannot be reached by front-end loaders, the Equipter is ideal for debris removal. The Equipter is commonly used by roofing crews to lift roofing materials to rooftops, a time saving function when cranes and hoists are not available. The Equipter can also be hitched to a pickup truck and towed from one site to another, eliminating the need for waiting on trailers to transport equipment.

One important advantage of the Equipter on major storm damage cleanup jobs is its gas-powered engine. Major storms can cause widespread power outages and gas-powered equipment, like generators and chainsaws, are reliable tools when access to electricity is not guaranteed. Like a gas-powered generator, the Equipter 4000 can quickly be put in operation and begin cleanup work promptly.

Various factors can make storm damage cleanup difficult and it is helpful to think through some of the logistics before showing up on site. Widespread damage can include dangers like fallen trees, broken windows, and unstable structures. Broken glass, sharp debris, and fallen power lines are all potential safety hazards for work crews to be mindful of avoiding. Managing equipment and coordinating debris disposal are two complex tasks to build a team around ahead of time. There is typically a race to finish the cleanup process and mitigate further damage. The more quickly an area can be cleaned up, the less it affects the community.

In the event of an emergency, Equipter is ready to help. The Equipter 4000 is available to rent from over 400 rental partners across the United States and Canada. You can view our rental map to find the rental location closest to you or reach out to our team.