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How to Get Roofing Jobs: 3 More Tips to Do It the Professional Way

Roofing jobs keep your business running and your crews working hard. Every step of the roofing process–whether that’s sales presentations or using the right equipment on the job–provides an opportunity to impress potential customers and get more roofing jobs

how to get roofing jobs

Here are some tips for how to get roofing jobs the professional way.

Learn how to get roofing jobs professionally

1. Build a solid referral program. 

Do offer referral incentives.

Starting a referral program can be as simple as offering incentives in return for referrals and making sure your roofing customers know about it. Incentives like branded tumblers for hot/cold drinks, gift cards to local restaurants, or discounts on future services are practical and memorable for your customers. 

Whatever you choose to offer, make sure it’s something the homeowner will value. And don’t forget to let your customers know!

Don’t be afraid to ask.

Never be afraid to ask your customers to leave online reviews and/or refer your company. They can leave reviews wherever your company is listed, including but not limited to Angie’s List, Facebook, and even Google if you have a Google My Business listing.

During a followup call, have your sales rep ask if the customer knows anyone in their area who’s considering a roof replacement. Politely prompting your customers to refer your company may help you get you the roofing jobs you need. It never hurts to ask!

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2. Use roofing equipment that boosts efficiency.

Do invest in high-quality equipment.

Homeowners and property managers love knowing they don’t need to be concerned about the well-being of their properties during roof replacements. They’re already stressed about choosing a contractor–use equipment that confirms your company is the right choice.

equipter rb4000 dumpster

Be the roofer who invests in equipment that keeps the site cleaner and gets the project done faster. This will give your customers a great experience and make them happier with their roof replacement. Not only that, when customers know their property is valued, it’ll increase word-of-mouth referrals, giving you more roofing jobs. 

Don’t use equipment that will damage the property. 

Using heavy equipment, such as a boom lift, for a residential roofing job that will create ruts in the lawn and crush their flowers can damage your roofing company’s reputation and reduce your referral rate. Stick with the tools you know will help you be clean and efficient without causing damage to the property. Your goal is to make sure that the job site will look just as clean and beautiful when you leave as it was when you arrived. (It should look even better with that new roof you installed!)

3. Market your company on social media.

Do utilize Facebook. 

Another tip for how to get roofing jobs: go digital.

Social media can play a large role in helping you get more roofing jobs. Consider boosting Facebook posts occasionally to raise your brand awareness and reach more people in your target audience. 

Facebook ads are even more powerful than simply boosting a post. If a lack of time or experience presents a barrier to maximizing the use of social media for your company, look into hiring or outsourcing options. Also, check out Boostpoint, a company that simplifies Facebook ads and helps increase your ROI. 

Don’t private message people asking for work. 

Be careful to keep track of your prospects and what stage they’re in–not everyone who follows your Facebook Business Page needs your services right now. They may, however, be interested when a high-wind storm blows through. Being aware of potential customers’ stages will help you both reach them better and advertise well.

Part of building a roofing business involves maintaining a certain level of professionalism. Instead of reaching out to prospects via Facebook, give them a call or write an email to touch base and let them know they’re on your mind. This approach is professional and doesn’t give the vibe that you’re desperate for a job.  

If you’re a roofing subcontractor, don’t randomly message a bunch of companies on Facebook. Take the time to explore their websites to see their portfolios and determine whether they’re a good fit for your talents and personality. If they have physical locations, connect in person rather than digitally. Meeting face to face proves you’re local, reliable, and serious about working with them.

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Apply these tips to keep getting jobs for your roofing company and don’t forget to keep checking out our website for weekly articles to help grow your business!



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