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Try Before You Buy: The Benefits of Renting an Equipter 4000

In today’s competitive, fast-paced world, equipment purchase decisions can significantly impact a company’s bottom line. It is natural for companies who want to hedge their bets by renting equipment before they purchase it outright. Companies want to find out first hand if their crew will adopt the new equipment and what benefit it will have for their business. This article will explore the benefits of renting an Equipter 4000.

The Equipter 4000 navigates through a tight access space

The Economics Of Renting

When purchasing a new piece of equipment, buyers have to consider a variety of variables: upfront cost, the cost of running the equipment, maintenance, storage, depreciation, and return on investment. The concept of renting equipment in order to thoroughly assess the benefits of a piece of equipment for a business is very attractive. Equipment rental can allow businesses to test various types of equipment in real-world conditions before making a significant investment on a purchase.

In the case of the Equipter 4000, rental locations are available all over the United States and Canada. Equipter has rental partners across North America that offer on demand rentals at over 400 locations to businesses in a variety of industries. Anyone in need of material handling and moving debris from job sites will find a use in the Equipter 4000. Many rental locations offer delivery and discounts for long term rentals.

There are also benefits in renting for companies that already own an Equipter 4000. Renting additional units affords businesses the ability to conserve working capital and it can offer flexibility to handle sudden increases in demand in real time. When a business suddenly lands a big job, they can pick up the phone and rent an Equipter for the duration of that job. Many companies can make enough money to buy an Equipter 4000 outright with one large job.

Making The Decision To Rent Vs Buy

The decision-making process surrounding the acquisition of equipment can often feel like being faced with too many paths to choose. Rentals can offer flexibility and scalability for businesses. However, for larger companies and those with long term projects, buying equipment can present the most beneficial financial model. In order to crunch the numbers, many accounting professionals will recommend a rent vs buy analysis spreadsheet laying out all of the costs (including maintenance and depreciation) and weighing the cost against the financial benefit of having a piece of equipment in your fleet full-time. Calculating return on investment is essential in determining the best option.

The Equipter 4000 is known throughout the roofing industry for having a high return on investment. The Equipter increases efficiency, allowing crews to do more work with less staff while also enabling businesses to retain their best crew members by offering a better overall working environment. Many companies with subcrews benefit from lending an Equipter 4000 to the work crew, providing a professional and organized service to their customer base which leads to better reviews and more referrals. By adding just a few extra jobs a month, the Equipter 4000 pays for itself very quickly.

One additional factor where the Equipter 4000 shines is its significantly low depreciation. Equipter has been producing the Equipter 4000 since 2004 and units that are 8 years old, 10 years old, and older are still in the field in use. Equipters routinely trade hands on the secondary market for just under the cost of a new unit. They retain their value in a way that most pieces of equipment on the market do not.

Making The Final Decision

There is no universal answer to the rent vs buy question, different businesses will find benefits landing on both sides of the option. For companies who have never used an Equipter 4000, renting can be a cheap option to learn how it can grow your business with no obligation. Many crews find that renting an Equipter for a week will show the time-savings and professionalism that the unit can provide. To find an Equipter rental location near you, please use our interactive rental map.