Construction Equipment & Tools that Make It Easier to Make a Living in Construction

Debris and material handling is labor intensive, time consuming, and costly.

But it doesn’t need to be like that.

Now, you can use innovative tools to move and manage materials—saving time, boosting production, reducing labor costs, and increasing worker retention.

Hi. We’re Equipter.

Our family owned a Lancaster, PA roofing business for 15 years. After long days of lugging equipment up ladders, tossing shingles to the ground, and moving those shingles—again—into a dumpster, we knew there had to be a better way.

So we designed and built the Equipter RB4000 lift, a patented self-propelled trailer that you can raise up to 12 feet, where it catches debris before it ever hits the ground.

In the years since, we’ve continued to innovate equipment and processes to help construction professionals build a healthier bottom line.

These tools make it easier for your crews to do their job, whether it's tearing off a commercial roof, moving tons of landscaping gravel, or lifting preformed features to a second floor.

Work Smarter

You know working hard is important—but working smarter will boost your chances for long-term success. Construction equipment, like the RB4000 lift and CR8000 mobile crane, helps you do more with less.

Outpace Competitors

Stand out in a saturated market by showing prospects you invest in innovative equipment that gets the job done efficiently and reduces property damage risk. And when you do the job like you promised, you earn more referrals and repeat business.

Achieve Success

From the self-propelled RB3000 trailer to the compact CR8000 crane, our products are more than construction tools—they’re success tools that will help you build the profitable business you’re working so hard for.

Equipter Construction Tools & Equipment

RB3000 Dump Trailer

This compact, self-propelled construction trailer moves, spreads, and dumps heavy materials so you don’t have to—and it does it without damaging established landscapes.

RB4000 Lift

Whether you’re lifting shingles to the second story or catching tons of roofing debris, this raisable, driveable, dumpable trailer will absolutely change the way your construction crew roofs. Equipter owners say it reduces cleanup time by up to 80%.

Stow-a-Brake Storage System

Go from storage to working in seconds with a brake setup that moves crews into production mode fast with a gas spring-powered storage system. Breakdown is just as efficient and saves time at day’s end—simply lift and go.

CR8000 Mobile Crane

Stop the time waste and physical strain of manually carrying HVAC units, performed  features, and other materials because a conventional crane is too big for the jobsite. This self-propelled crane gets materials where they need to go so you can get the job done.