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Equipter Cemetery Equipment for the Gravedigging Professional

As a cemetery worker, landscaper, or excavator, you need tools and equipment tough enough to handle the dirty work. Keep your hands–and property–clean and get each job done sooner with Equipter’s unique graveyard equipment. 

Explore the cemetery equipment designed to lay your customers’ worries to rest.


Equipment for Graveyard Management

Equipter 3000 cemetery dump trailer


Equipter 3300

Formerly the RB3000, the Equipter 3300 cemetery dump trailer revolutionizes the burial process. Gravedigging crews use this drivable trailer to move and store displaced grave dirt out of sight during funerals. Then, its hydraulic-powered tailgate and dump feature make it easy to dump the dirt right back into the grave once the casket is lowered into place. Its compact design helps prevent damage to existing gravestones, also eliminating the need for a dump truck.


Hydraulic Tailgate
Tight Turning Radius
6 ft Wide
4,740 lb Tow Capacity
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Equipter 5400 mobile crane for moving cemetery monuments

Equipter 5400

Equipter’s compact, drivable mobile crane is ideal for grave monument installations. Its compact design allows the driver to easily maneuver the unit down aisles of graves to get grave markers exactly where they’re needed. The crane is also operated by a remote control, allowing the user to monitor heavy gravestone placement from nearly any vantage point. The Equipter 5400 also features a dumpable trailer bed with removable sides.


Under 6 ft Wide
23 ft Reach
Max Crane Lift of 4,431 lbs
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Equipment Benefits for Gravesite Management

Equipter Cemetery Equipment Benefits


What Equipter Customers Are Saying

Watch below how gravedigging at the Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery has changed since the organization purchased its first Equipter RB3000.


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