Graveyard Management Equipment

That Saves You Time & Money


Meticulous maintenance. Limited resources. Managing a cemetery business is a delicate balancing act that requires you to sustain a serene, well-maintained landscape while juggling long-term costs.


State-of-the-art graveyard management equipment will help you do exactly that. From self-propelled dump containers to compact mobile cranes, the right tools will enable your crews to maintain a facility that’s professional, polished, and cost-efficient.


Hi. We’re Equipter.

Our family owned a successful roofing business before developing innovative equipment to manage the tons of debris our projects produced every day. Since then, we’ve developed a line of commercial-grade, American-made equipment that allows yours crews to efficiently manage debris and materials by working smarter—not harder.


Equipter cemetery management tools are designed to leave lawns and landscaping intact, so you can maintain the clean, professional facility families and the community expect. From the RB3000 trailer’s self-driving capabilities to the CR8000 crane’s precision turning, this equipment will change the way your crews work.


Boost Efficiency

The right gravesite maintenance tools will help your crews get their jobs done faster, with less mess to clean up.


Reduce Injury Risk

Less heavy manual labor translates into lower potential for the injuries that lead to lost time, reduced productivity, and higher workers comp premiums.


Lower Costs

Costs are critical, especially when you’re near or at capacity. Commercial-grade cemetery equipment streamlines work and lowers labor costs, allowing you to control expenses and maintain a healthier bottom line.


Equipter Gravesite Management Equipment


RB3000 Dump Trailer

This self-propelled cemetery trailer does the heavy lifting for you to reduce manual labor. Its compact size and precision turning let you easily maneuver around headstones, benches, trees, and other features.


CR8000 Crane Series

Whether you’re moving rock features or resetting headstones, these compact, self-propelled cranes go where conventional cranes just can’t--even tough-to-reach spots. Position graveyard materials precisely where you need them with a lift capacity of up to 4,500 pounds.