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Graveyard Maintenance and Digging Equipment


As a cemetery worker, landscaper, or excavator, you deserve tools and equipment tough enough to handle the dirty work. Keep your hands clean and get the job done sooner with Equipter’s unique graveyard maintenance equipment.


Why Choose Equipter’s Gravesite Management Equipment? 

Equipter offers American-made self-propelled equipment to fulfill your cemetery landscaping needs, from hauling dirt to transporting, lifting, and setting headstones. 


A few benefits of Equipter’s graveyard maintenance and digging equipment include: 

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased physical labor
  • Faster job completion


How Can Equipter Grave Digging Equipment Enhance Your Professionalism?

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Equipter’s equipment can literally lighten your load. With a crane capable of lifting 4,500 lbs and a self-propelled dump trailer that hauls over 4,700 lbs, they take the stress and pressure off of you and your crew. 


Work Smarter

You don’t have to struggle with headstone placement or dirt removal when working with the CR8400 or RB3000. Equipter’s innovative, self-propelled equipment allows you to gain more control over each job. Every unit is designed to navigate through tight spots and maintain safer, cleaner job sites. 


Outpace Competitors

When you use Equipter’s landscape trailer and crane to do your dirty work, efficiency goes up and competition goes down. Of course, other landscapers and excavators still exist, but your high-quality performance is no match for their everyday digging. 


Achieve Success

The increased professionalism Equipter’s products provide allows independent landscapers, excavators, and gravediggers to choose what jobs they want and who they want to work with. The cleanliness and efficient performance each tool provides attract more customers, opening a world of possibilities for you as you grow your business. 


Innovative Graveyard Management Equipment

If it’s your responsibility to dig graves or maintain the cemetery landscape, Equipter’s self-propelled dump trailer and small mobile crane can help you tackle your responsibilities faster and more efficiently. 


Here’s a breakdown of graveyard maintenance and management equipment available from Equipter.


Equipter RB3000 Trailer

Dirt mounds around a gravesite are an eyesore. To maintain a clean, professional gravesite for a burial service, use Equipter’s large self-propelled landscape trailer to easily haul the temporarily displaced soil to a more inconspicuous area.


After the service, you can drive the dump trailer using its 13-hp engine right back to the grave and use the hydraulic tailgate and dump feature to pile the soil on top of the casket. This speeds up the job while easing the pains of manual labor.


The Equipter RB3000 makes it easy to tow or haul up to 4,740 lbs, so you can transport grave liners and smaller digging equipment with no problem.


This dump trailer is also ideal for landscape work, able to haul small trees and landscaping tools across the site without leaving ruts in a customer’s lawn. Read more about the RB3000 and landscaping here.


Equipter CR8400 Mobile Crane

With a lift capacity of 4,500 lbs, moving headstones and boulders is no chore for the Equipter CR8400 crane. This compact, self-propelled crane can maneuver in much tighter spaces than conventional cranes.


The CR8400 also comes with a radio remote control so you can operate the crane from the perfect vantage point, making sure each gravestone is placed precisely where it needs to be the first time. 


Equipter Accessories

Equipter also carries a variety of accessories to help you make the most of your new graveyard maintenance equipment. From track mats to outrigger pads, our goal is to provide extra protection against ruts and imprints. Check out our full assortment of accessories here.


Are you ready to enhance your professionalism? With Equipter’s cemetery maintenance tools, you can ensure everything is properly placed and provide families with cleaner burial services. Click below to start building your equipment now. 


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