HVAC Equipment That Works for You

When dealing with heavy equipment, you don't have to risk injuring yourself and your customer’s property. 


Why Choose Equipter HVAC Equipment?

At Equipter, we understand the dangers that come with maneuvering big, heavy equipment into hard-to-reach places. That’s why we’ve developed a solution to help improve the way you install HVAC components. 


The Equipter CR8400 takes the pain and stress out of heavy projects.


Adding our mobile crane to your collection of HVAC tools helps…

  • Increase employee retention
  • Get jobs done faster–and safer
  • Stand out from your competition


How Can Equipter HVAC Equipment Enhance Your Business?


Work Smarter

A safer, cleaner work environment translates to higher customer satisfaction and improved employee retention in the HVAC industry. When your technicians realize they don’t have to risk pulling their backs out just to position an air conditioner exactly where a customer wants it, they’ll be more motivated to take on the job. 


The Equipter CR8400 can help lower labor costs, as well. Less heavy lifting also means less manpower is necessary on the job. 


Outpace Competitors

With a lift capacity of over 4,000 lbs and a radio remote control, it’s quick and easy to lift and maneuver heavy parts of HVAC systems, like outdoor air conditioner units. The CR8400 gives you more precise control over the placement of a unit without trampling over your customer’s delicate landscape features. When you’ve got a residential, self-propelled crane to do the heavy lifting, you’ll also be done the job and on to the next much sooner than competitors.


Achieve Success

A clean-cut outdoor HVAC installation solution strengthens your business by increasing customer satisfaction. Higher customer satisfaction translates to more referrals, which can lead to you becoming the most reputable HVAC technician in your community. No matter how you define success–by profit, referral rate, customer reviews, etc.–a simple solution like the CR8400 can help you reach new milestones.


About the Equipter CR8400

Equipter’s innovative mobile crane is capable of transporting all types of tools and lifting heavy objects. With a dump bed less than 6 feet wide, the crane fits through most standard double gates to get into customers’ backyards with ease. 


See the specs of the Equipter CR8400.


Easy to Tow

The Equipter CR8400 is easier to hook up than your average utility trailer. Its self-propelled feature allows you to drive the crane right up to the hitch of your standard pickup truck, so there’s no need for backup cameras or additional assistance.


Once the front wheels are lifted, the drivetrain disengages, transforming the drivable crane into a small utility trailer. Then you’re able to tow more materials right to the job site.


Transports Materials Across the Job

Once you tow it to the job, just drop the front wheels and drive it across the property to wherever you need your tools and materials. Its lightweight design makes the residential crane safe to drive on lawns and easier to maneuver around delicate landscaping. The tires on the unit are wide enough to help evenly distribute the weight in the aluminum bed without leaving ruts in your customer’s lawn.


Simple to Operate

In addition to the easy-to-use control panel, the Equipter CR8400 comes with a radio remote control that lets you keep your distance while transferring heavy equipment from the dump bed to precisely where it’s needed. This also allows you to watch from nearly any angle to ensure you’re placing the HVAC evenly on its platform. The radio remote has very few buttons and switches, saving you the headache of figuring out which switch does what. 


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