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Equipter HVAC Installation Equipment

Take the heavy lifting out of HVAC installation with Equipter’s drivable equipment. Whether installing outdoor AC units, propane tanks, or generators, this innovative equipment is designed to help you get the job done faster without breaking your back. 

Avoid injuring yourself, your technicians, and your customers with Equipter’s HVAC installation equipment.


Equipment for the HVAC Professional



Equipter 5400 HVAC installation equipment crane

Equipter 5400

Equipter’s compact, drivable mobile crane is designed to access areas a conventional crane just can’t. Its wide tires help evenly distribute the weight of the trailer and prevent ruts in lawns, making this the perfect piece of HVAC lifting equipment. From exterior air conditioning units to outdoor generators, the crane on the Equipter 5400 can lift up to 4,431 lbs. It’s also remote-control operated, so HVAC technicians can safely and easily place heavy equipment exactly where the customer wants it. The Equipter crane also features a dumpable trailer bed that comes with conveniently removable sides.


Under 6 ft Wide
23 ft Reach
Max Crane Lift of 4,431 lbs
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Equipter 2000 lift HVAC installation equipment

Equipter 2000

When it comes to indoor commercial HVAC jobs–and even second-story residential jobs–the compact, self-propelled Equipter 2000 is essential. Raise exhaust fans, ductwork parts, indoor air conditioning units, and more over 7 feet high with this dump container’s easy-to-use hydraulics-operated lift feature.


Wide Tires
2ft 11 in Wide
7 ft 2 in Lift
1,500 lb Lift Capacity


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Equipment Benefits for the HVAC Industry

Equipter HVAC Installation Equipment Benefits


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