Landscape Equipment & Tools that Make It Easier to Make a Living Landscaping


Maybe you struggle to retain good workers. Or lower costs. Or set your landscape business apart in an increasingly crowded market.  


We know what it’s like to worry about crew retention, struggle with rising expenses, and stress over heavy competition.


Hi. We’re Equipter.

Our family owned a roofing contracting business for 15 years. We knew there had to be a smarter way to work, so we designed the RB4000 lift, a specialized trailer that revolutionized debris management. Since then, it’s given thousands of contractors a competitive advantage by boosting productivity and profitability.


But we didn’t stop there. We’ve gone on to develop landscaping equipment, like the self-propelled RB3000 trailer, that helps businesses like yours lower labor costs, reduce injury risk, and generate more referrals.


Work Smarter

These are more than landscaping tools--they’re success tools to help you grow your business with streamlined processes that boost productivity and reduce the need for time-consuming, backbreaking manual labor.


Outpace Competitors

Establish your business as a leader with professional-grade landscaping equipment that manages debris so you finish jobs more quickly, reduce property damage risk, and deliver a referral-generating client experience.


Achieve Success

Lowering costs and delivering excellent service helps build a bottom line that allows you to reach your goals, from taking better care of your family to building a stronger community.


Landscaping Equipment & Tools


RB3000 Trailer

From burlapped trees to Mexican beach pebbles, the self-propelled RB3000 trailer moves and dumps heavy materials in places other trailers can’t go. This landscaping trailer is compact with a tough-but-lightweight aluminum bed, so it won’t dig ruts in established landscapes.


CR8000 Mobile Crane

Whether you need to position trees, boulders, or other landscape features, this compact, mobile crane with a 23’ reach does the heavy lifting so you don’t need to, saving time onsite and reducing labor costs.