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Equipter Landscape Equipment and Tools for Landscaping Companies

Outgrow your competition with Equipter landscape equipment. From a self-propelled, dumpable trailer to a compact mobile crane that handles the heavy lifting, Equipter offers American-made equipment that takes the dirty work out of landscaping.


Equipment for Landscaping Professionals



Equipter 3300 landscape trailer

Equipter 3000

This drivable, dumpable landscape trailer streamlines everything from transporting supplies from your local gardening shop to accessing hard-to-reach spots on the job. Landscapers find it easy to drive and dump gravel, mulch, sand, and stone virtually anywhere on the job with the Equipter 3000’s simple-to-use control panel and hydraulic tailgate. It is also an efficient way to transport landscaping tools if your truck bed is already in use. 


Hydraulic Tailgate
Tight Turning Radius
6 ft Wide
4,740 lb Tow Capacity


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Equipter 5400 crane for landscaping

Equipter 5400

Moving boulders and positioning trees has never been easier. This compact trailer with remote-controlled crane saves the pain of lifting and moving the heaviest landscape features. Reduce the amount of time you spend heaving and hauling expensive features across your customers’ properties by driving this self-propelled crane around nearly every site. With a dump bed less than 6 feet wide, you can fit through most double-door gate openings and squeeze into hard-to-access backyards.


Under 6 ft Wide
23 ft Reach
Max Crane Lift of 4,431 lbs


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Equipment Benefits for the Landscaping Industry

Equipter Landscape Equipment Benefits


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