Landscaping Equipment that Increases Your Professionalism

Take the dirty work out of landscaping. Invest in equipment that boosts your efficiency, helps maintain a cleaner job site, and increases employee retention. This landscaping equipment can even help you lower labor costs.


Why Introduce Equipter Landscaping Equipment to Your Crew?

Dealing with heavy landscaping materials, from wheelbarrows full of stone to maneuvering a new tree in a specific spot of a customer’s property, is exhausting when done day in and day out. 


Equipter’s landscaping equipment helps alleviate that backbreaking work. Each piece is self-propelled, saving you time and allowing you to drive materials across the job site with ease.


Easing the strain of manual labor for your landscaping crew shows that you value their well-being and motivates them to get more done. 


Adding Equipter landscaping equipment to your assets helps…

  • Minimize cleanup stress
  • Increase production
  • Conserve your crew’s energy


How Can Equipter Landscaping Equipment Enhance How You Do Business?


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Work Smarter

At Equipter, we focus on providing unique, innovative equipment that helps our customers work smarter, not harder. Each piece is designed to reduce your labor costs by streamlining start-of-day setup, production, and cleanup. We focus on incorporating easy-to-use controls so you and your crew can pick up the basic functions in no time, keeping you focused on getting the job done.


Outpace Competitors

With Equipter landscaping equipment to streamline a safer and cleaner production process, you’ll become an industry leader by finishing jobs faster and reducing the risk of property damage. Word of your reputable service will likely travel fast, creating more referral-driven business.


Achieve Success

No matter how you define “success,” Equipter landscaping equipment can help. From increasing your professional reputation to raising you to the top of the industry leaderboard, our self-propelled dump trailer and mobile crane can help get you there.


Innovative Equipment for the Landscaping Professional

Operable by just one person, our multifunctional landscaping equipment speeds up the job and reduces labor costs.


Here are our two most popular pieces of landscape equipment.


Equipter RB3000 Trailer

The Equipter RB3000 is a self-propelled trailer that streamlines everything from picking up supplies to placing landscaping materials exactly where you need them on the job. Its 13-hp engine makes it easy to drive right up to the tow hitch of a standard pickup truck at the start of the day. Load it with all your landscaping tools or swing by your local supplier to fill it with gravel, mulch, sand, or stone. 


The lightweight aluminum container lets you transport these materials around the site. This way, you and your crews aren’t driving pickup trucks around a customer’s property, risking leaving ruts and other damage that eats your profits and frustrates the homeowner.


The RB3000 not only transports materials–its hydraulic tailgate is easy to operate and the container angles so it’s simple to dump your gravel, stone, and more. The back stabilizers help ensure a safe dump on level or uneven terrain.


Equipter CR8400 Mobile Crane

Moving boulders and positioning trees has never been easier. Capable of extending out to 23 feet, this compact crane saves the pain of lifting and moving the heaviest landscape features. 


Reduce the amount of time you spend heaving and hauling expensive features across your customers’ properties by driving this self-propelled crane around nearly every site with a dump bed less than 6 feet wide, so you can fit through most double-door gate openings and squeeze into hard-to-access backyards. 


Equipter Accessories

We also offer accessories for the RB3000 and Equipter CR8400 that help landscapers like you preserve your customers’ lawns and landscapes throughout the most recent landscaping project. Our outrigger pads help prevent imprints from the compact crane’s outriggers, and our track mats make it easier to drive across soft ground to reach those tight spots. These accessories and more are available through our Build + Buy tool and the Equipter Accessories page


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