Commercial Contracting & Roofing Equipment That Saves Your Rental Clients Time & Money


Your rental business succeeds when you offer equipment and tools that help commercial clients do their jobs better.

We understand what your contractors and roofers need from their rental equipment.


Hi. We’re Equipter.

Our family owned a successful roofing business for 15 years before we decided there had to be a better way to handle tons of debris every day. So we developed a line of commercial-grade equipment that cuts manual labor, speeds production, and helps earn referrals.


Equipter products, like the self-propelled RB4000 roofing trailer, are no-hassle additions to your rental fleet:


  • Reliable, rugged, and low-maintenance to keep your costs lower
  • Simple to use so you spend less time answering questions and more time growing your business
  • Towable to reduce logistics hassles for you and your clients


Help Contractors Grow

Your clients increasingly need to differentiate themselves in competitive markets. Offer contractors the money-saving, time-saving equipment they need to finish work faster, lower costs, and get more referrals.


Outpace Your Competitors

Equipter products, like the RB4000 lift, are in high demand, giving you a competitive advantage over other rental firms. The equipment gets rave reviews from users, too, which helps clients form a better impression of your company.


Build Your Business

When your clients do better, you do better. Your ability to supply high-reliability, results-delivering rental equipment makes you a partner in their success--and that helps you build your own bottom line.


Equipter Contracting & Roofing Equipment for Rental Companies


RB4000 Lift

With a 12’ lift and 4,000-lb capacity, this towable, self-propelled roofing trailer allows roofers and contractors to easily lift, lower, and dump debris, saving them time, money, and manual labor. Equipter users say it cuts cleanup time by up to 80%.


CR8000 Mobile Crane

Lower clients’ costs and boost their efficiency with a self-propelled compact crane series that goes places larger cranes simply cannot. It delivers extra reach and lift power for general contractors, remodelers, and renovators, whether they’re lowering old windows or positioning HVAC units.