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Multipurpose Equipment for the Equipment Rental Industry

Equipter offers a wide array of self-propelled equipment, from towable dump containers to a compact crane, utilized by residential and commercial roofing, construction, and restoration pros alike. This low-maintenance, multipurpose equipment is growing in popularity within the rental industry, with more time in the field and less time in the lot.


Equipment for General Contractors

Equipter 4000 liftable drivable dumpster

Equipter 4000

This compact, liftable, drivable trailer allows roofers and contractors to manage debris on jobs with hard-to-access areas. Some people also rent the Equipter 4000 when moving out of apartments, eliminating hauling large mattresses and furniture down narrow staircases. Those who use the Equipter 4000 regularly say it cuts cleanup time by 80 percent. 


4 ft Rollback
12 ft Lift
4,000 lb Lift Capacity


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Add Equipter 3000 landscape trailer to rental equipment

Equipter 3300

The compact Equipter 3300 is ideal for graveyard management crews and landscape professionals. This aluminum-welded landscape trailer is the ideal compact solution for transporting and dumping materials like dirt, gravel, and mulch while increasing the care and respect shown by professional gravediggers and landscapers.


Wide Tires
6 ft Wide
4,740 lb Capacity


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Equipter 2500 liftable self-propelled dumpster

Equipter 2500

When roofers or general contractors need to squeeze through alleyways or between houses closer than 6 feet apart, the Equipter 2500 dump container is one of two ideal solutions. Restoration professionals also use it for the occasional demolition job to haul busted-up concrete, drywall, and more to an on-site dumpster.


Wide Tires
4 ft 4 in Wide
7 ft Lift
2,500 lb Lift Capacity


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Equipter 2000 small lift dumping

Equipter 2000

The littlest brother of Equipter’s collection of multipurpose equipment, the Equipter 2000, provides easy access to narrow alleyways and backyards since it fits so seamlessly through privacy fence gates. This compact, raisable dump container is easy and safe to navigate on sidewalks and ideal for managing debris on a demolition job in the city or a small town.


Wide Tires
2 ft 11 in Wide
7  ft 2 in Lift
1,500 lb Lift Capacity
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Equipter 5400 compact crane

Equipter 5400

Lower rental customers’ costs and boost their efficiency with a drivable and remote-control-operated compact crane that goes places conventional cranes can’t. Formerly known as CR8400, the Equipter 5400 delivers extra reach and lift power for residential and commercial contractors as they navigate heavy appliances and building materials around the job.


Under 6 ft Wide
23 ft Reach
Max Crane Lift of 4,431 lbs


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Equipment Benefits for the Equipment Rental Industry

Equipment Rental Industry Equipter Benefits


Additional Business Exposure for Your Rental Company

how to get on the equipter rental map
When you purchase equipment for your rental fleet from Equipter, you may qualify for a listing in our online rental database. Accessible through our Rental Locator tool, the database houses over 400 third-party rental locations across the US. That’s added exposure for you at no additional cost. 

  • Free Listing for Qualified Equipment Rental Companies
  • Increase Brand Awareness and Expand Your Rental Company’s Customer Base
  • Land More Repeat Business

Call 717-661-3591 to connect with an Equipter representative and see if you qualify.

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