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Industries Served

Equipter products are utilized in a variety of industries, both residential and commercial. Companies that offer rental equipment to the following industries can benefit from adding Equipter products to their fleets:

  • Restoration
  • Roofing
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • HVAC


Why Add Equipter Products to Your Equipment Rental Business?

Making products like the self-propelled, lightweight Equipter RB4000 available to your rental customers shows that you not only care about your own business but their businesses as well.


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Increased New Business for Your Rental Company

Equipter, LLC maintains a working database of third-party rental companies that offer the RB4000 and other Equipter equipment. When you purchase from Equipter, you have the opportunity to add your rental company to that list.




Equipter’s Rental Locator tool allows contractors of all industries to search for their closest Equipter provider. This is housed on the Equipter website, offering over 150 locations across the US and Canada. Equipter also runs paid ads over social media, directing potential renters to the Rental Locator. This value-add service helps increase awareness and expand your customer base at no additional charge.

  • Free Listing for Qualified Equipment Rental Companies
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Expand Your Rental Company’s Customer Base
  • Land More Repeat Business
  • Raise Your Bottom Line


Increased Repeat Business for Your Rental Company

Your goal is to provide contractors with well-kept, high-quality equipment that helps them finish jobs faster. Equipter products require little maintenance, and many that were sold in the early 2000s are still on the road today. This reliability adds to each customer's experience with your company, leading to return business and boosting your bottom line.

When a restoration pro learns he can rely on you to supply a better way to manage debris removal from the latest natural disaster, he may return to you for other equipment needs.


Innovative Equipment for Professionals in Manual Labor Industries

Equipter offers a wide array of self-propelled equipment, from towable dump containers to a compact crane, utilized by residential and commercial roofing, construction, and restoration pros alike. See the list below of available products for equipment rental companies:

  • RB4000
    With a 12’ lift and 4,000-lb capacity, this towable, self-propelled roofing trailer allows roofers and contractors to easily lift, lower, and dump debris, saving them time, money, and manual labor. Equipter users say it cuts cleanup time by up to 80 percent.

  • RB3000
    The Equipter RB3000 is ideal for landscapers and graveyard management crews. This self-propelled, aluminum-welded dump container can transport up to 4,740 lbs of dirt, gravel, sand, stone, and other materials. It’s also great to rent when moving small trees and shrubs.

  • RB2500
    Another innovative, compact dump container, the RB2500 has a 9-horsepower Honda engine that propels the lightweight unit down stone paths, through narrow alleyways, and along other areas where the RB4000 may not fit. The Equipter RB2500 can lift and dump up to 2,500 lbs of roofing and construction debris. 

  • RB2000
    This compact dump container helps manage up to 1,500 lbs of debris, tools, or materials at a time. Rental customers can utilize this in the roofing, restoration, or construction industry. Its self-propelled and narrow design makes it easy to navigate this equipment on sidewalks and down alleyways.

  • CR8400
    Lower rental customers’ costs and boost their efficiency with a self-propelled compact crane that goes places larger cranes simply can't. It delivers extra reach and lift power for general contractors, remodelers, and renovators, whether they’re lowering old windows or positioning HVAC units.

To purchase Equipter rental equipment for your fleet, contact us at 717-661-3591 or, or click below to start building your equipment now. 


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