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Equipter Fire and Water Restoration Equipment

When natural disasters hit, homeowners lean on local restoration contractors to bring their homes back to normal. Flood and fire damage can take weeks to repair. But Equipter offers a line of compact, self-propelled equipment to help speed up the gutting and cleanup process in virtually any space.

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Equipment for Restoration Contractors

Equipter 4000 drivable dumpster restoration equipment

Equipter RB4000

The RB4000 drivable dumpster works on residential and commercial restoration jobs. Whether gutting an apartment from fire damage or remodeling a basement after flood damage, contractors rely on the RB4000 to take the heavy lifting out of transporting 4,000 lbs of debris across the site to the closest roll-off dumpster, and it is perfect for towing tools and materials to the job.


4 ft Rollback
12 ft Lift
4,000 lb Lift Capacity


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Equipter 2500 small restoration dump container

Equipter RB2500

The liftable Equipter RB2500 dump container is the most recent addition to Equipter’s restoration equipment collection. This small, portable dumpster is easy to drive through places the RB4000 can’t, easily fitting down alleys and in between houses too close together for our larger model. It is also ideal for open-air demolition projects.


Wide Tires
4 ft 4 in Wide
7 ft Lift
2,500 lb Lift Capacity


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Equipter 2000 drivable compact dump container for restoration

Equipter RB2000

Ideal for use in areas with limited backyard access and narrow alleyways, the self-propelled RB2000 can go where no other self-propelled dumpster dare go before. How? Its total width is less than 3 ft. Whether you’re repairing fire damage in a city home or transporting heavy materials through a chainlink fence gate, this dump container helps get the job done faster.


Wide Tires
2ft 11 in Wide
7 ft 2 in Lift
1,500 lb Lift Capacity


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CR8400 Equipter crane for restoration

Equipter CR8400

Equipter’s compact, drivable mobile crane reaches places conventional cranes can’t. The CR8400 helps residential and commercial restoration contractors navigate heavy materials, furniture, and appliances around the job. Lift and haul debris bags out of water-damaged basements with the crane’s 23-ft reach. The CR8400 comes complete with a radio remote control, letting you monitor heavy equipment placement from nearly any vantage point on a restoration job.


Under 6 ft Wide
23 ft Reach
Max Crane Lift of 4,431 lbs


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Equipment Benefits for the Restoration Industry

Equipter Restoration Equipment Benefits


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