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Equipter CR8000 Mobile Crane 

Small mobile crane. It doesn't get much better than that. With two standard mobile crane options (CR8200 and CR8400) and the option to customize your equipment,  our cranes give you the extra help and efficiency your crews need when moving heavy material, equipment, or debris.


Maneuver Around Your Worksite

Our cranes are all built with the ability to run on it’s own 13 horsepower Honda Engine. You can move these mobile cranes around the jobsite all day long. 

Small Mobile Crane
Equipter CR8000 Telescopic Crane

Lift Equipment & Material

Our telescopic cranes are built with an extendable arm with the ability to reach up to 23 ft. And hold up to 4,500 lbs. It’s built with independently operated stabilizers, offering stability when lifting and lowering, even on unlevel ground.


Access Hard-To-Reach Areas

The CR8000 cranes fit into spaces where larger cranes are not able to go. Their compact design and tight turning abilities give you the versatility you need. Our cranes are mobile & lightweight, but heavy duty.

CR8000 Compact

Easily Transport It From & To Worksite

Our cranes are built with front wheel lifts and drive axles that automatically disengage allowing you to hook them up to your truck and haul them to your jobsite.

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  • CR8000 Driving
  • CR8000 lifting heating unit
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  • CR8000 lifting shingles2

The CR8000 Series – A Small Mobile Crane

When we began our company we started out simple. We started with construction equipment that we knew would work and get the job done. Since then we’ve added multiple pieces of equipment to boost efficiency and save back breaking work. Our mindset at Equipter has always working smarter not harder. And we believe that with pieces of equipment like the CR8000 mobile cranes you can do that.

Customizable Options

We designed our cranes customizable because we know that each industry, each job is different. We’ve given our customers the option of the small CR8200 and the larger CR8400 crane and also the option to customize you specific crane.

We’ve built radio controllers to pair with our cranes to conveniently control the movement of the crane, saving you labour of pushing and shoving the equipment you're transferring into place.