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Equipter RB2000 Features 

Efficient. Durable. Compact. The Equipter RB2000 lift can be driven, raised, and dumped. The RB2000 lift enables you to get into those tight corners and still be in control of your debris. We've carefully designed this piece of equipment to allow you access to tight, hard to get to spaces, and still contain the mess. Instead of awkwardly maneuvering a wheelbarrow and taking countless trips to empty it, you now have a small, self propelled dumpster.



The RB2000 lift is self-propelled with a gasoline powered hydraulic system. It is specially designed lightweight to ensure no lawn damage to your customers. With its small frame, you can now reach those difficult, narrow, areas without a problem.

Self-propelled small dumpster
rb2000 lift

7-Foot Lift

The Equipter RB2000 lift has a 7’ lift to increase efficiency and production on the job site. The lift feature on the RB2000 lift enables you to have the container close to the roof to ensure no debris falls to the ground and damages your clients' landscape. Drive the RB2000 lift near the side of the home, position the outriggers, and lift the container to the eve of the roof. It's as easy as that. 


Hydraulic Dump

Managing your job site debris is as easy as 1-2-3. Once you’ve filled the container simply drive it to your desired location, lift, and dump. It’s really that easy. Cleaning up has never been as simple. It makes your work easier while making customers happy.

rb2000 dump feature
compact small dumpster


The RB2000 lift was specially designed to be small enough to fit into tight spaces, yet big enough to contain your debris. Its aluminum container is durable, rust proof, and lightweight.

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  • RB2000 lifting on jobsite
  • RB2000 lifted on jobsite

The Equipter RB2000 - Self Propelled Small Dumpster

 Looking for a small, compact dumpster? We've got you covered. When you use the RB2000 lift there’s no hassle. No one has to deliver or pick up your dumpster, it goes right with you. We've built this mini dumpster with careful, thought out features to make your life easier and more efficient.

 The Equipter RB2000 lifts, drives, and dumps. Built with wide, light weight tires to ensure no tracks in lawns or landscaping. The 7' lift capability ensures you a clean, efficient jobsite. Driving around the jobsite has never been easier. With it's powerful Honda engine, it'll take you and your debris wherever you want to go. 

 It enables you to dispose quickly of any debris you have on your job whether shingles, shrubs, dirt, or drywall. Since it's width is under 3' you'll be able to drive it inside buildings as well. You can drive the RB2000 lift inside the building you may be remodeling or renovating and drive your debris out the door. 

Instead of being stuck with an un-transportable small dumpster, you now have the self propelled RB2000 lift boosting your productivity. You'll be sure to impress your customers with the ability to get into extremely compact areas and keep a neat jobsite.