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Equipter RB3000 Dump Trailer

With this self propelled dump trailer you’re able to move supplies, tools, and debris wherever they need to be. The Equipter RB3000 trailer is self propelled, compact, dumpable, and made to tow. No matter what industry, whether construction, landscaping, or roofing, this piece of equipment is versatile enough to boost sales, increase productivity, and decrease clean up time.


Manage Debirs & Materials With Ease

With this dump trailers self-propelled capabilities, you have easier job site mobility. The RB3000 trailer is powered on a 13 horsepower Honda engine giving you the power you need to complete those tough jobs.

Equipter RB3000 Self-Propelled

Dump With a 4,000 lb. Load

The RB3000 trailer is hinged at the bottom allowing the tailgate to easily dump whatever you're hauling. It’s clad with rear stabilizers enabling you to dump on uneven terrain with ease.


Go Where No Trailer Can

This compact trailer is built with a tight turning radius, enabling construction and landscape companies to navigate it with precision. Since it’s only 6 ft. Wide and 13 ft. Long, you can get it into those difficult, tricky places that larger conventional dump trailers couldn’t get to. 

Equipter RB3000 Compact
Equipter RB3000 Tow

Take It Where You Need It

In order to get this compact dump trailer right to your jobsite all you gotta do is hitch it to your truck. It also works great for hauling roofing materials, jobsite tools and hauling debris.  

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The Equipter RB3000 - A Self-propelled Dump Trailer

When we created this specific piece of equipment, we wanted to make it unique and signifigant in it's own way. We created it with features to increase efficiency and dispose quickly of jobiste debris. The RB3000 trailer isn't just any conventional trailer, it's a compact, durable, dump trailer. 

Instead of setting your debris and dirt in one place and waiting till it gets moved, you can move it yourself. No more being stuck with large bulky dump trucks, or heavy non-driving dumpsters. The RB3000 trailer is made to drive, dump, and tow. just hook it up to your truck, tow it to your jobsite, and use it to contian debris, or haul landscaping materials. It's hydraulic dump capabilities allows you to raise the bed of the trailer and dump every last little bit of dirt out of there.

With the RB3000 trailer on your worksite, what use to be a 2 man job is now a 1 man job.