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Equipter RB4000 Roofing Trailer

Our innovative roofing trailer enables contractors to increase efficiency, decrease manual labor, and close more jobs. With the RB4000 lift you can, impress homeowners' with a clean, efficient work site, decrease cleanup by 80% or more, and increase overall production by 20-30%.


Move Roofing Debris With Ease

The RB4000 lift runs on its own 13 horsepower Honda engine enabling you to drive it without being hooked up to a truck. It has a tight turning radius to reach difficult spots and has evenly distributed weight so you won't leave marks on customers' lawns.


Take Efficiency To A New Level

The RB4000 lift has a 12' lift to help improve efficiency and a clean work site. It lets you take the container to where you need it for removing debris or lifting materials to your crew. It also makes it simple to dump debris into a larger container or truck. 


Protect Landscape & Shrubbery

The 4-foot roll-back feature enables you to position the container up and over flowers and landscaping. You can position the container over shrubs, flowerbeds, and other features on your customers’ properties.


Control Your Roofing Debris

Able to hold nearly 4,000 lbs. of material, the RB4000’s dump container lets you easily dump debris from any position into any larger container or truck under 12’ high. After you've filled the container, simply drive it to where you want to unload the debris, lift, and use the hydraulic tailgate to dump debris into a larger truck or trailer.


Access Your Worksite Easily

Its front wheels lift and Its drive axle automatically disengages so you can hook it up and haul it to your worksite. It hooks up to your truck just like any ordinary trailer enabling you to take it to and from your worksites.

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What is the Equipter RB4000?

The Equipter RB4000 lift is a roofing trailer able to lift, tow, dump, and raise. You can simply hook up the Equipter RB4000 lift to your truck and conveniently tow it to the job site. On-site you can drive the RB4000 lift where ever you want it. With its tight turning ability, you can get the RB4000 lift into any 6 ft. space and access those hard to get to areas.

The raisable feature allows you to completely be in control of your debris, no matter your industry. When the container becomes full, simply drive the RB4000 lift to where you wish to unload it, and simply use the hydraulic trailer to empty the debris in the truck or trailer. All you've got to do is tow it, drive it, raise it, and dump it. If you're looking to increase profits, employee production, and customer satisfaction, the RB4000 lift is right for you.

Benefits of the Equipter RB4000.

What are the benefits of the Equipter RB4000 lift you might ask? The Equipter RB4000 lift enables you to manage construction and roofing debris swiftly and efficiently. No matter the weather, you'll have an employee that never complains or calls in sick.

Whether it's containing your debris for commercial or residential roofing, demolition, remodeling, landscape, or general construction, the RB4000 lift has got you covered. No matter your industry, the Equipter RB4000 lift is sure to boost production, increase referrals, and heighten your customer satisfaction.