RB4000 FAQs

For complete operation, safety, and transport guidelines as well as warranty details, see the RB4000 Owner’s Manual.


How much is the RB4000?

The Equipter RB4000 costs $34,400. Half of owners estimate it pays for itself in 1 year or less (Equipter Owners Survey, September 2018). This self-propelled roofing trailer helps you complete more work while lowering labor costs and increasing sales.  

What are the towing requirements for the RB4000?

Always make sure your tow vehicle has a GVWR capacity greater than that of the Equipter and tow vehicle weight combined. In general, our customers have towed the RB4000 with vehicles like Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, and Ford Expedition.

How many people does it take to operate the Equipter?


Does the operator need a special license or license classification?

No. We’re currently unaware of any special license or classification requirements.

How will my crews learn to use it?

In addition to the operator’s manual, we offer 2 English-language video tutorials:

RB4000 Operation Tutorial: This 6-minute video covers safety, towing, driving it around the site, and operating the dump box.
Step-by-Step Guide: Using the RB4000 on the Jobsite: This 10-minute video walks you through a day on the jobsite with the Equipter. It also includes tips for maximizing its efficiency.

Do you have a Spanish manual for the RB4000?

Yes. Call us at 855-378-4783, and we’ll email you the RB4000 Spanish-language manual.

Does the RB4000 need to be registered?

Yes. We send the MCO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) as soon as possible after confirming the unit is paid in full by you or the financing bank. Use the MCO to register the RB4000 with your state just like you would any other trailer. You may be required to pay sales tax at registration.

Can I drive the Equipter on public roads?

No. The self-propelled trailer must be transported by a licensed tow vehicle. Its self-driving capability is designed only for lawns and driveways, not for driving on public roads, across rough terrain, up and down steep hills, or over soft ground.

Can I use it as a personnel lift? 

OSHA does NOT approve it as a personnel lift/transport.

Can the container hold debris from a whole residential roof?

We specifically designed this innovative trailer to be compact enough to drive over lawns and landscaping without damage. It holds up to 4 cubic yards (about 12-15 square). When it’s full, drive the RB4000 to an on-site dumpster or trailer to dump the debris.

Does it leave ruts in the lawn?

As former roofers, we understand how important it is to protect clients’ landscaping. We designed the RB4000 with a relatively lightweight aluminum bed and wide tires to protect lawns and landscaping from ruts during proper operation.

If you’re working in wet conditions, we recommend using additional weight distribution, like optional Track Mats.

Can it dump into a standard dump truck?

The lift clears up to 11 feet, making it compatible with most standard dump trucks.

Does the RB4000 come with accessories?

We have a full line of RB4000 roofing accessories, like Track Mats and Gutter Guards, to make roofing with the Equipter even more efficient. Accessories sold separately.

Is Equipter made in America?

The RB4000 is manufactured in the U.S., in the heart of Lancaster County (about a 90-minute drive from Philadelphia, PA).

Parts & Service

What’s the warranty on a new RB4000?

New RB4000s come with a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. For details, call 855-378-4783 or see the owner’s manual.

Does the RB4000 require special order parts?

Many parts are standard, and your hydraulics shop should be able to order them from its regular suppliers.

If you need RB4000-specific parts, call our service team at 717-768-0070. We can often ship parts out within 1-2 business days.  

Buying and Renting

How long does the Equipter take to pay for itself?

50% of Equipter owners estimate the RB4000 pays for itself in one year or less. (Equipter Owners Survey, September 2018)

Can I finance an Equipter?

Yes! Finance your purchase through a lender of your choice or one of the banks we regularly work with. Call us at 855-378-4783 for current info about financing options and interest rates. Financing subject to the approval of your credit application, and a $1,500 down payment is required.

Where can I rent an RB4000?

We have rental locations in nearly every state. Use our Rental Locator to find one near you.

What if I can’t find a rental close to me?

Let us help. We’ve developed good working relationships with many Equipter rental locations, and sometimes that allows us to connect you with a rental opportunity that isn’t apparent from the rental database on our site. Call us at 855-378-4783.