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The Future Gets Lighter for Albright Roofing with the Equipter RB2500

Alfred Albright, Owner/Operator of Albright Roofing Contractors out of Jonestown, PA, had been considering Equipter equipment for a few years. Torn between the Equipter RB4000 and the RB2500, he finally chose the more compact Equipter RB2500 in the spring of 2020, shortly before the pandemic forced Pennsylvania into lockdown.


One year later, the Equipter crew paid his team a visit on a job to hear how things were going.


Take a look below at how the Equipter RB2500 helps Alfred keep his crew and customers happy.


Small and Mighty: A Compact Solution

Alfred explains, “We opted…to get the [RB2500] to see how that would suit first, because there’s places where we need a more compact machine to get into some of the tighter spots. So that was our initial drive to try the Equipter and it has been absolutely instrumental.”


While the Equipter RB4000 is approximately 6 feet wide, the RB2500 sits at just 4 feet and 4 inches wide. This makes it ideal for tighter spaces, like the narrow entryway visible in Alfred’s story above.


No More Carrying Debris

Since the Equipter RB4000 is self-propelled and liftable, Alfred and his crew also found that the portable dump container saved them from carrying old debris around the roof to toss into the nearest ground-level dumpster. Now, they can shovel debris right off the roof and straight into the 1.76 cubic-yard aluminum container.


“Since we’ve gotten it,” Alfred says, “it’s saved us trouble, because we used to go up and over with our debris or carry it across [the roof]. Now we’re able to go straight down without carrying it and drive the machine around the yard.”


Less Weight on the Ground

Alfred notes of traditional dump trailers, “You come in with an empty dump trailer, it doesn’t have much weight, ya know? You start throwing in two, three, five tons in the trailer now it’s putting some compression on the yard.”


But the lightweight Equipter RB2500 defies expectations. It features a total GVRW of 4,140 pounds and is safe to navigate across virtually any terrain to a curbside dumpster. No more trying to toss debris into ground-level dumpsters strategically placed around customers’ homes and digging into their lawns.


To Alfred, “More importantly than even minimizing and saving on our labor is minimizing the harm to the landscape. That is absolutely crucial. So, by having the machine on site, you never knew we were there.”


Homeowners Association Approved

Albright Roofing Contractors works on homes in various communities throughout Central PA. This particular project was done in collaboration with a local homeowners association. With the goal of maintaining a clean and comfortable living environment, the homeowners association appreciates the power of the Equipter RB2500.


Board member Johnny Johnson shares, “These wonderful machines move along on the grass without leaving any damage. Once the debris is removed, you can’t tell that they’ve ever been there….The equipment, which is Equipter, has helped our contractor…do the job in less time and provide less inconvenience for our homeowners, and we’re very pleased with the way this job is going.”


All in all, Alfred and his crew have found the Equipter RB2500 to be handy on virtually every job.


“I was a little skeptical at first,” Alfred says. “I’m a tough customer, but I’m sold….We take it along now everywhere we go.”



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