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AVA Roofing Elevates Employee and Customer Satisfaction with Equipter

“Everyone in this business says they’re better than the other guy,” says Anatoliy Aponchuk, Owner of AVA Roofing & Siding. “I don’t want to be better. I just want to be different.”


AVA Roofing was founded in 2003, shortly after the four Aponchuk brothers moved to the United States. Located in Buffalo, New York, the crews at AVA Roofing use the latest technology and innovative equipment, including the Equipter RB4000, to accomplish their business goals and provide the ultimate customer experience.


Saving Time

For many companies, roofing debris struggles lead to hours of cleanup each day, but AVA Roofing discovered they could overcome this obstacle with the Equipter RB4000. After renting it for the first time to complete a two-layer tear-off, they saved approximately 30 to 40 percent on their usual job time.


“Everything went inside our Equipter and there was no cleanup on the ground, which means that we had all of our guys doing pretty much roofing all day.”


When you can bump up teamwork–and production–on the roof, you don’t need to spend a whole week on the same job.


Employee Retention

Many of AVA Roofing’s employees have been with the company for over five years. What makes roofers so keen on sticking around?


Every morning, their crews receive coffee and donuts. Anatoliy also aims to show up on every job site to say hello to their customer and check up on his crew members.


Anatoliy also gives a lot of credit for the company’s employee retention to the Equipter RB4000.


“Most of my guys have been with me 5+ years and, because we have proper equipment, they don’t have to look for anything better because they get their benefit[s], they get their good pay, vacation, and get easy cleanup on the job site.”


Customer Satisfaction

Not only does AVA Roofing recognize their employees’ needs with the use of the RB4000, but they also show respect to their customers.


“Personally, what I’ve learned, [is that] you can put on the best roof, but if you leave the ground dirty, your customer [doesn’t] care about what’s on the roof. We use an Equipter on every job site.”


After AVA Roofing’s crew members decided that having one Equipter on the job wasn’t enough, the company made the decision to purchase a second Equipter.


“And, now,” says Anatoliy, “if I don’t have two Equipters on the job site, something’s missing. I’m confident that we’re efficient about what we're doing, and we’re competitive, and we’re very busy.”



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