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How FL. Equipter Rental LLC Helps Roofers Build Better Businesses

One man in Sarasota, FL, bought the Equipter RB4000 in August of 2014, and the rest is history.


Dave Nisley, Owner and Operator of FL. Equipter Rental LLC, thought it would be handy to help roofers with a unique piece of roofing equipment that carries tools and serves as a portable dumpster to navigate 4,000 lbs of debris across job sites. But he quickly discovered this would be more than just a local side gig. As of July 2022, he regularly rents out 18 units across the state.


FL. Equipter Rental LLC

Through his rental business, Dave Nisley has been able to save roofers time and manpower on roofing jobs across the state of Florida.


“[Roofers] face a difficult job...I’m helping by showing them a way to make their world just a little bit easier.”


After he delivers the Equipter right to a job site, Dave takes time to review the equipment controls with contractors to make sure they’re comfortable with operating it. He’s found that operators learn the control system in no time.


“One of the things that I enjoy about the Equipter is hearing the comments as [roofers] recognize what this machine can do for them on their job sites and their amazement at the design...and function of this machine.”

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Construction company QMBS is just one of the many that FL. Equipter Rental LLC works with regularly.





QMBS Rents the Equipter RB4000

Luis De León of Quality Management and Building Services (QMBS), a Lakeland, FL-based construction company, is blown away by how renting the RB4000 from FL. Equipter Rental LLC has improved his business.


“When Dave brought [the Equipter] to the job site, he walked with me around the outside of the Equipter, teaching me all the functions and the parts. And after that...he taught us all of the controls.”


Luis and his team picked up on the control system quickly. It wasn’t long after that he realized just how powerful and efficient the self-propelled Equipter RB4000 is. With a gas-powered engine, it has the strength to improve a company’s production by 25 to 30 percent.


“Bringing [20 squares] of debris takes us 10 minutes and it used to take us two or two and a half hours.”


Luis also notes that the main reason his company rents the Equipter instead of purchasing one is that QMBS is a construction company, not just a roofing company. So he doesn’t need it every day.


“The RB4000 is a very good machine. It has a capability that is perfect to do the jobs that we need.”


How to Rent the Equipter RB4000

In addition to all the ways the Equipter RB4000 helps roofing contractors, quick access to the rental agreement and phenomenal customer service make FL. Equipter Rental LLC one of the two premier Equipter rental locations in Florida.


Looking to rent an Equipter outside of Florida? We have over 220 locations across the country. Click the button below to find an Equipter rental location near you.


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