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Git R Done Contractor Gets It Done by Renting the Equipter RB2500

In Odessa, FL, general contractor Michael Holtzman of Git R Done Contracting recently discovered an easier way to get the job done, and he’s telling everyone.


Why do contractors like Michael rent the Equipter RB2500? The answer is simple.




Squeezing into Narrow Spaces

Less than 5 feet wide, this drivable dump container fit exactly where Michael and his workers needed to access–a full-size dumpster or pickup truck would never fit between the buildings or even inside their workspace.


“The main challenge for the job was moving the concrete and not being able to get the bigger machine in there. That’s why we used the smaller Equipter,” Michael explains. “We could drive it right into the building.”


The RB2500 is also lightweight enough that even when Michael’s crew had it full of concrete, the self-propelled container was still safe to drive on sidewalks.


Speeding up Cleanup

Bigger than a wheelbarrow but narrow enough to easily navigate in typically hard-to-access areas, the team at Git R Done Construction was able to cut their number of trips to the dumpster in the parking lot by over 95 percent.


Michael estimated the job would’ve taken 80 trips to the on-site dump trailer with a wheelbarrow overloaded with concrete, whereas with the Equipter RB2500, it only took three. And since it only takes one person to operate the liftable dump container, more workers could focus on production.


What does that mean for you, the equipment rental professional? The sooner your rental customer can finish their job, the sooner your equipment is back on site and available for the next job.


Saving Labor Costs

For Michael, the RB2500 turned what would’ve been a frustrating four-day job into a one-day job. This translated to reduced physical and financial labor costs and a more satisfied work crew.


Michael says when using the Equipter, “Everything’s gonna go faster, I’m gonna feel better at the end of the day, and everybody’s going to be happier.”


Tackling Multiple Projects

The Equipter RB2500 is so versatile that a company like Git R Done Roofing that offers various different services can use it on multiple projects.


“It does so many different things. I would say that [having] the Equipter on this job has made it 100 percent easier. It’s definitely something we would absolutely use again on a job of this size,” Michael says.


From roofing to siding replacement to demolition, this raisable dump container can expand your customer base and lift your bottom line.


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