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US Vets and Equipter RB4000 Drive Professionalism for Maven Roofing

What makes a roofing company professional? The team at Maven Roofing is a prime example.


Owned and operated by US veterans, the North Carolina-based roofing and storm restoration company maintains its professional image from presenting the initial sales pitch to installing the final shingle.


Using the Equipter RB4000 in the Sales Process

Maven Roofing invests in its customers by investing in top-of-the-line equipment that helps get the job done cleanly and efficiently. They provide the ultimate protection for each and every customer's property, and the sales team makes sure their customers know it from day one.




By making a solid commitment that's easily fulfilled with the Equipter RB4000. 


"It's a great selling tool for us to be able to sit down at the table and look a homeowner in the eye and say, 'We're going to protect your property, and we've made these investments in this equipment so we can do that,'" Kent Panovec, Vice President and COO, explains.


Maintaining the Maven Image

Maven Roofing maintains its professional image on the job by utilizing consistent equipment and apparel branding and fulfilling the promises made by the sales team.


And the Equipter helps do just that.


"It brings a level of professionalism and confidence in us on morning of," says President and CEO JT Ulyatt. "When you show up and you're setting up and you look like that, it makes the entire build process a lot smoother."


Why? Because this image builds confidence not only in the team but in the homeowner.


"Professionalism is paramount for Maven," Panovec adds. "That extends to if we have a subcontractor crew out there working for us. Now, we certainly will brand them Maven, but if we have assets out there as well that they can use to keep the job site clean, they’re an extension of Maven. They’re part of our family. And so providing them with the equipment they need to do a professional job is what investing in these Equipters is all about."


Meeting Customers' Expectations While Building a Bigger Bottom Line

In today's society (and thanks to Amazon Prime), consumers' expectations are consistently rising. Maven Roofing uses the Equipter RB4000 to help meet its customers' needs more efficiently.


"What we found was that the Equipter made us about 20% more efficient on a daily basis, which means we’re finishing more roofs on a daily basis and we’re getting to customers faster than we ever have before," Panovec explains. "And so ultimately that’s driving more revenue into Maven, into the bottom line."


"We're constantly investing in new ways to help our crews, make ourselves look more professional, deliver for our customers who choose Maven," Panovec says. "The Equipter is a workhorse for us."



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