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PDF Roofing Levels Up by Renting the Equipter RB4000

Tearing off tile roofs is a challenge, but it’s no battle for PDF Roofing anymore. 


The last time Job Foreman Jose Martinez rented the Equipter RB4000, tile roof tear off was a breeze. The crew at PDF Roofing usually deals with metal roofs, but when they get the occasional tile roof gig, they now call on FL. Equipter Rental LLC to rent the RB4000.


PDF Puts Safety First with Equipter

Tile roofs are tricky to navigate during tear-off. Jose notes, “You get dust and you get pieces of tile that [the roofers] are always walking over.” 


Uneven surfaces, especially at such heights, pose major safety hazards, increasing the risk of workers comp claims and lost manpower on the job. Even when roofers scrape the tile from the old roof onto the ground, small pieces stay behind. 


With the Equipter, crews are able to safely scrape and brush even the smaller pieces of tile and other debris off the roof into the hydraulic-operated dump container while also keeping the customer’s landscape intact.


Improved Productivity

By using the Equipter RB4000 during the latest tile roof replacement, Jose’s crew cut completion time almost in half. “We saved almost a whole week of labor because the job was a drop and carry. It took us two days to accomplish.”


With the RB4000, Jose was able to add more manpower to the toughest part of the job. “Instead of using two guys on the ground, I was able to use them on the roof, getting ahead on the project.”


He now highly recommends the self-propelled roofer’s buggy to all roofers. The Equipter saved Jose’s crew at least two and a half days on a single job. Imagine how much time it could save your crew! 


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