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Roofing King Rules Roofing Marketing with the RB4000

Marketing a roofing company can be particularly challenging, especially for a business that covers areas across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Craig LaCrosse, Owner of Roofing King Inc., has found the solution.


Customer Service

Customer care is the top priority for Roofing King. The company aims to ensure its customers are 100% satisfied with their roofing process and the treatment of homeowners’ properties. But saying that to prospects isn’t enough. Telling a story is never as effective as showing it to homeowners. Prospects want confirmation. They want to see for themselves how serious a roofing company is about performing a clean, top-notch roof replacement.


Enter the Equipter RB4000.


The RB4000: Improving Marketing and Production

Craig instantly recognized that the Equipter would be a selling point for many Roofing King prospects. “Once we’d seen the video of the Equipter, it was a no-brainer.” 


The Equipter RB4000 reduces the risk of damage to customers’ lawns and homes, one of Craig’s biggest concerns. By cutting back hours of stress-inducing end-of-day cleanup, the RB4000 allows Craig’s roofing crews to focus more on quality control and increased production. 


He notes about using the RB4000, “It’s allowed a much more professional and faster process.”


Showing videos of his crews using the Equipter RB4000 to prospects has contributed to Roofing King’s increased sales.


The RB4000 is Building a Brighter Future for Roofing King

What is professionalism in the roofing industry? It's outstanding customer service, providing top-quality roofing services, and using high-end roofing equipment like the RB4000 to maintain an efficient project timeline and keep the job site clean throughout the whole roofing process. 


Equipter offers a number of handy accessories to enhance the already stellar performance of the RB4000. Craig's crew utilizes an 8' Equipter Roof Chute to further streamline tear-off, better navigating roofing debris towards and into the lightweight aluminum container. This accessory also allows the crews to keep the self-propelled dump trailer in one spot longer, that way one person isn't climbing down a ladder to move the roofing equipment during every 10 feet of tear-off. 


Roofing King has revolutionized roofing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Are you ready to see how the RB4000 can enhance roofing in your area?


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