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RoofCARE Takes Care of Roof Repairs with the Equipter RB4000

RoofCARE handles a wide variety of roofing needs, from repair to replacement to maintenance, across New Mexico and areas in West Texas. In search of a solution for their transportation struggles, the company's North Region Manager discovered Equipter online in 2016. 


Equipped for Virtually Any Job

About RoofCARE’s mission, North Region Manager Robert Catalan explains, “We believe that replacing the roof is the last alternative.” RoofCARE’s goal is to help the customer save money while producing as little waste as possible. The crews work on virtually every type of roof—flat roofs, shingled roofs, and even metal roofs—and so does the Equipter.


From the moment he steps into the shop in Albuquerque to the second one of his crews arrives on a site, Robert and his workers roll with the RB4000 all day every day. 


Simplifying Prep for RoofCARE Crews 

The RB4000 is clearly a favorite among Robert’s roofers. “All of our crews are always asking, ‘Hey, is it coming out to my job site?’”


The crew loads the portable dumpster with all their roofing repair or replacement tools right from the shop, hooks it up to their own trucks, and easily tows it to that day’s job site. With a 12’ lift capacity, the Equipter RB4000 makes it easy for RoofCARE crews to access all tools needed to get any job done. 


“The RB4000 is our choice of equipment for a lot of the projects we do, and I definitely recommend it to any roofing contractor.”



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