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Storm Guard Roofing Provides the Ultimate Protection with the RB4000

For Storm Guard Roofing in Kernersville, NC, the RB4000 increases production, their ability to find and keep reliable roofers, and outshine their competitors.


Jeff Trinh purchased his first Equipter in 2017, and it wasn’t long until that unit became an essential part of the company’s roofing process.


Powering Through Production

Tear-off can be a major struggle, especially on a steep roof. But the mess is no match for Storm Guard with the Equipter RB4000 in tow.


“[The Equipter] offers us an opportunity to really manage and control the tear-off process, which is the most violent and challenging part of any reroof project,” Trinh explains. “And so, we can protect the homeowner’s property and just really minimize the amount of damage that can happen on a typical job site.”


Landing More Professional Roofers

The Equipter also plays a role in growing Trinh’s business and providing an exceptional customer experience. Since it does much of the heavy lifting, roofers can focus more on production than tedious setup and cleanup every day.

“Anything we can do to attract the top roofers, it really helps us and helps our clients in the long run. And so, when we provide them with a product like this, it really makes their job easier.”


Conquering Competition

“...There’s not a whole lot of companies in our market here that [are] utilizing this equipment,” Trinh notes while discussing Storm Guard’s competition.


Trinh’s crews notice customers’ neighbors slowing down to catch a glimpse of Storm Guard’s process with the RB4000. Homeowners seem curious about the unique look and functionality of the RB4000 in Trinh’s area, and he’s happy to share what so often seals the deal with prospects.


“There is a clear message to the homeowner that we really care about their property, we care about the efficiency of the operations, and to make sure that ultimately they get a great end product and they get a great experience in the process.”



Let your crew experience the power of the RB4000 for themselves. Click the button below to find the closest Equipter rental location to your job site.


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