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How The Atkins Group Cut Demo Time by 50% With The Equipter RB4000

Baytowne Apartments is just one complex owned and maintained by The Atkins Group (TAG), a real estate firm with its own general contractors based in Urbana, IL. The firm has one Equipter RB4000 specifically dedicated to this apartment complex, which comes in handy for multiple projects. 


Atkins construction workers use the Equipter for virtually every apartment remodeling project that arises at Baytowne. The biggest impact the Equipter has had on their remodeling process has been reducing the time it takes to gut the interior of an apartment. 


“A typical demo before the Equipter would’ve [taken] us about three days,” explains Jeremy Hardy, Atkins Superintendent. “Since we’ve had the Equipter, it’s dropped it down to about a day and a half.”


Watch the video above or keep reading to find out how this drivable dumpster has been enhancing the firm’s remodeling process since the summer of 2019.


Cutting Gutting Stress  

As typical remodeling projects often require, Jeremy and his crew tear out everything from kitchen cabinets to carpeting to tile work to toilets. 


“Before the Equipter, we would have to pile it on the floor or in trash cans, and then we’d have to load it up by hand and carry it down two, three flights of stairs,” Jeremy says. 


With a 12-foot hydraulic lift, the Equipter RB4000 eliminates the need to haul heavy trash bins and large chunks of debris, like drywall and crown molding, down stairs. Jeremy’s crew just raises it to the apartment balcony, where they easily toss everything into the raised 4.1-cubic-yard drivable dumpster. 


On top of that, it saves them the hassle of loading the back of a pickup truck with the trash and then driving to the on-site dumpster and yet again heaving the debris somewhere else. It only takes one person to drive the Equipter across the lot and use its hydraulic dump feature to seamlessly empty the container into that larger on-site dumpster, drastically decreasing demolition time.


Overcoming Industrywide Labor Shortage 

The biggest obstacle in the construction industry in 2022 could be labor shortage, which has plagued the industry for years and has only gotten worse due to the 2020 global pandemic. 


Jeremy shares, “With the labor shortage in this economy, the Equipter’s helped us out because you don’t have to have that extra person that’s going around sweeping up and picking up trash and then hauling it down the stairs.”


Starting More Jobs Sooner

The Equipter RB4000 keeps going all day every day, helping contractors like Jeremy and his crew in Urbana, IL, cut down on job site cleanup and get done faster. 


“We’ve been able to start more remodels during the same time frame. It’s made it a lot easier, saved lots of time, [and] the guys are a lot happier and have more energy on the job site.”


Ready to see how the Equipter RB4000 can take the headaches and physical stress out of apartment and home remodels for your crew? Click below to test drive this compact, drivable dumpster today.


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