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A Roofer’s Guide to Roof Inspection Reports

One way to get new roofing customers is to offer roof inspections and write roof inspection reports. This article will cover the best ways to approach new potential customers, the qualifications you should have to write an accurate report, and what tools you will need to complete the job.

Equipter 4000 on a roofing replacement job

Roofing companies that approach homeowners to pitch a roof inspection must have tac, professionalism, and clear communication. Equipter recently published an article on how professionalism can sell more roofs. Clearly emphasize the benefits of a roof inspection and a roof inspection report and how identifying potential issues early can lead to a roof’s longevity. Outline the process of a roof inspection and, if there is an insurance claim that will be filed, how the property owner or policyholder will file the report. Mention confidentiality and that all inspection findings would be kept private. Be ready to talk about your background, certifications, and if you have references from past inspections.

The qualifications and/or licenses needed to perform a roofing inspection report can vary depending on your area, so be sure to check if there are any local regulations. Generally, a knowledge of roofing systems, the materials used, and roofing installation is key. A background in roofing and construction that you can demonstrate to a homeowner will go a long way. Obtaining certifications like Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) or Certified Roofing Inspector (CRI) will place you ahead of the competition.

Equipter has published a past article on writing a roofing inspection report that includes links to roofing inspection templates. Additional tools you should have on hand for a roofing inspection include a binocular that will allow you to assess potential problem areas from the ground, a ladder that is sturdy and can reach roofs of different heights, a powerful flashlight that will allow you to inspect dark areas like attics, and a digital camera or smartphone that can capture high-resolution photos of damage. Inspection reports, especially those submitted for insurance claims, typically require visual evidence. Some higher tech tools that can aid in roofing inspections are drones equipped with cameras to reach difficult to access areas in order to visually document problems and infrared cameras and moisture meters that can find hidden leaks.

Once a roof inspection report has been filed and an insurance claim has been approved, consider using an Equipter 4000 on the roofing replacement job. Equipter 4000s lead to less time on the roof and less time cleaning up homeowner’s properties. Use of the Equipter can also be claimed on some insurance jobs. The Equipter 4000 can be rented from over 400 rental locations across the United States and Canada. To find the Equipter package that best fits your company’s needs, please visit our Build + Buy online tool.