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How to Write a Roof Inspection Report [With Templates]

Roof inspection reports are important to write up for your customers, giving them the details they need to make the ultimate decision: do they repair or replace their roofs? A roof inspection report also helps them determine when they should make that happen–is it an immediate need or something that could wait a year or two?

Take a look at these tips Equipter, the maker of the Equipter 4000 lifting and dumping trailer, has put together to help you craft a simple and effective roof inspection report that resonates with your potential customer.

roof inspection report

Communicate details in a way the homeowner can understand.

You don’t need an English degree to give your customers clear, well-written roof inspection reports. In every report, include the details your clients need without overwhelming them with excess information. Use your knowledge but keep the reports to the point while avoiding jargon. Easy-to-read reports show your customers that you recognize their needs and aren’t trying to impress them with industry terms they don’t understand.

Along with brief descriptions, add photos of the problem areas on their roofs. Photos of their homes increase your credibility as a professional roofing contractor. The pictures indicate that you’re expressing your concerns about their specific situations.

Use your expertise to present possible solutions to problems that may have been found during the roof inspection. 

Create a separate roofing estimate.

Be professional in your roofing business strategy. To reduce pressure on potential customers, always keep roofing estimates separate from your roof inspection reports. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have the estimate on hand if you choose to provide the inspection report in person. Homeowners want to know their options without feeling pressured to make a decision on the spot. If the atmosphere feels right or if the homeowner asks, review the estimate together section by section.

Use the report as a marketing opportunity.

Writing a roof inspection report is likely not your favorite task as a roofer. However, think of it as an opportunity to set your company apart from competitors. You haven’t yet closed the job, so this is one more opportunity to make a unique impact on the homeowner.

Incorporate your branding, from colors to font styles to your witty company logo. If they found your company online, they may connect your website to the roof inspection report simply through these minor details. Consider increasing consistency and professionalism by adding these details to company shirts and vehicle magnets.

Portraying a professional image from the start can help you land the job. Maintaining that professionalism throughout the roof replacement or repair process can increase your referral rate. 

See how Nelson Contracting raised their referral rates from 50-60% to 80% with a single piece of equipment.

Use resources to build roof inspection reports.

Roof inspection reports don’t have to suck hours out of your week. Save time by utilizing technology designed to help enhance professionalism and increase efficiency for your roofing business.

Roofing Software

With today’s high-tech resources, completing professional roof inspections and reports is much easier. 

hvac-dispatch-softwareOne roofing mobile app, iRoofing, gives your company the tools needed to complete measurements, take photos, and simplify your overall roof inspection report process. 

Other apps and software options are available with free trials. Some are even free, themselves. Explore more apps and software for roofing companies here.

Free Roof Inspection Report Templates

Using a roof inspection report template can take loads of stress off of writing a report. Not only does it simplify the process, but it helps you get feedback to your potential customer faster. 

If you’re using roofing software that may not feature roof inspection report templates, you can find tons of free templates through a simple Google search. Here are just a few:

Roof Inspection Report Examples

Researching examples of roof inspection reports can help you develop stronger reports. Look at these reports from the customer’s perspective to envision the essentials as well as what not to include in a report. Take a look at this example:

Keep it professional.

Professionalism is key to building and maintaining good business relationships. Providing a comprehensive, digestible roof inspection report helps increase your credibility with potential customers. 

How else do you maintain professionalism during your roofing sales process? Share on the Equipter Facebook Page. For more information on the Equipter 4000, a transformative tool in the roofing industry used from coast to coast, click here.