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5 Construction Advertising Ideas You Should be Using

Putting your faith in build it and they will come doesn’t work in a competitive space like construction. These construction advertising tips you aren’t using yet will help you grow your business and edge out the competition.


1. Choose the right logo.

Logos matter. They act as the foundation for establishing your identity as a company. An effective logo:

  • Establishes your identity
  • Conveys that you’re a professional business, rather than a fly-by-night outfit
  • Keeps you top-of-mind with clients
  • Gives a positive first impression
  • Differentiates you from the competition

Memorable logos are clear, instantly identifiable, and convey a sense of what your business does best. If you need a new logo or want to refresh an old one, you don’t always need to spend big bucks. You may be able to get cost-effective logo designs by working with a professional freelance designer. (Find freelancers on sites like Upwork or 99Designs.)

2. Advertise what makes you the best construction solution provider.

The construction industry can be crowded, making it more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the competition. For example, perhaps you specialize in a niche. Or maybe you use productivity-boosting construction equipment, like the drivable RB4000 trailer, to finish jobs on-time and on-budget.

3. Leverage all your advertising assets.

Hear “advertising” and you might immediately think of things like social media, radio, or billboards. While those platforms can be successful when done well, they’re not the only ways to get your name front-and-center.

Think of all the “every day” items your company uses that are seen by potential and current clients. Outfit crews with branded shirts—and replace them regularly. Don’t forget to brand your equipment, too, including company construction trucks and drivable RB4000 trailers.

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Never discount the value of swag either. Whether you’re handing out branded tape measures at a home show or giving clients a branded travel mug at project’s end, every piece of swag is another opportunity to put your name in front of prospective and current clients.

4. Don’t slow down during slow season.

Whether you work in a seasonal niche or in an area subject to fluctuating weather, downtime is NOT the right time to go easy on advertising. Investing in construction ads and marketing when business is slow is ideal for keeping your business top-of-mind.

5. Regularly assess your advertising plan.

The set-it-and-forget-it approach doesn’t work well with construction advertising: markets change and new competition appears. The ad that skyrocketed last quarter may produce no more than a blip on the screen this quarter. 

Remember that slow season we just talked about? Downtime is actually a wise time to review and possibly reboot your advertising and marketing efforts. Since you're not bogged down with proposals and onsite job concerns, you can invest the time and resources needed to nail down a smart strategy that helps your business—and bottom line—grow.